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What's New Here?
This page will show you the latest changes and additions.


01/30/18 - Added April 2018 Vette Magazine to In the press.

11/03/17 - Added 2018 Schedule of Events; Updated RMWP info

10/25/17 - Updated RMWP page

10/12/17 - Added RMWP info to front page

09/04/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete, Days 1-40!

09/03/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete for Days 1-36. Only 4 more to go!

08/31/17 - Decided not to go to NCM Hall of Fame, thanks to hurricane Harvey

08/30/17 - Completed Corvettes @ Carlisle 2017

08/29/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete for Days 1-25. Only 15 more to go...

08/21/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete for Days 1-24. Only 16 more to go...

08/05/17 - NCM Michelin Bash page completed.

08/04/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete for Days 1-10. Only 30 more to go...

07/30/17 - Historic Rt 66 pages complete for Days 1-8. Only 32 more to go...

07/22/17 - Photos loaded for NCM Michelin Bash; comments to follow. Working on Historic Rt 66 page.

07/08/17 - Starting NCM Michelin Bash and Historic Rt 66 pages.

03/09/17 - New page for long-time supporter Marshall Fancher's Vette-N-Vestments.

02/02/17 - I think that the smart-phone tweaking is about done. I'm sure I'll find more as time goes on.

01/24/17 - Beginning what will be a lengthy ongoing project: Tweaking each page to be more smart-phone friendly.

01/23/17 - Added NCRS-FL Winter Meet 2017

01/08/17 - Completed Corvettes Conquer Cancer 2016 Show page.

01/06/17 - Added 1/4 Million Miles to 2016 page. Tweaked Sandy's Columns content to allow going directly from one column to the next w/o having to go back to the index each time.

11/28//16 - Added photos to 63 Chev Pickup in Misc/Other Cars From Our Past.

10/07/16 - Posted photos to Corvettes @ Carlisle 2016 and NCM Hall of Fame pages. Commentary to follow.

10/05/16 - Started 2017 schedule

07/27/16 - Loaded latest flyer to page 1.

07/15/16 - Added one more to Other cars from our past.

07/10/16 - Other cars from our past added.

06/17/16 - Our Corvettes: past to present is now complete in the Misc. stuff section.

06/10/16 - Finally, all events are up to date (I think)! Started new section in Misc. stuff: Our Corvettes: past to present.

05/31/16 - Completed NCM Hall of Fame '15 and Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show '15.

05/27/16 - Finally completed NCM Bash '15 and Carlisle '15 page. Posted photos of NCM Hall of Fame '15 and Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show '15, with notes and comments to come soon.

01/05/16 - Posted schedule of events for 1016.

07/14/15 - Added September 19 - 4th Annual Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show;   American Cancer Society office, Huntsville AL

06/02/15 - Had to cancel Corvette Adventures in Wisconsin Dells, scheduled for June 10-13. Today I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The next few weeks will be busy - 2nd opinions and deciding on a plan of attack.

05/11/15 - Had to cancel my commitment to the Corvette Beach Caravan, scheduled for May 14-16. Knee & shoulder therapy plus the expenses involved forced the last minute no-go decision.

03/13/15 - Added new sponsor: CarArtWork

02/23/15 - Added January 21-25 - NCRS Winter Meet; Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland Linder Airport; Lakeland FL

12/22/14 - Added Corvette Homecoming, Corvettes @ Carlisle, NCM 20th Anniversary Celebration & Hall of Fame Induction, 8th Annual Corvettes For Chip, Petit Le Mans, ExtraVetteGanza. Photos posted; text to follow.

12/21/14 - Posted 2015 schedule

08/19/14 - Added new sponsor: Nu Vintage Corvettes

08/13/14 - Added Highway Earth page

07/21/14 - Added Historic Rt 66 page

07/03/14 - Added Gnoaming page

06/02/14 - Added Corvette Beach Caravan; Dothan AL to Panama City Beach FL

05/09/14 - Added C5/C6 Bash, Bowling Green, KY

02/24/14 - Added GNOCC ExtraVetteGanza to 2014 schedule. Finished some cleanup tasks.

02/23/14 - Added NCRS-FL Winter Meet; Kissimmee FL.

01/21/14 - Updated Brochure and Sponsor Spaces links.

01/03/14 - At last: after a lot of time getting past software problems, we're totally up to date!

10/07/13 - Added major new sponsor: Edge Velocity!

09/18/13 - Began loading pics to Corvettes @ Carlisle, NCM Anniversary & HOF, and Vettes & Jets on the Lex.

08/03/13 - Corvette Homecoming; Bowling Green KY; Page complete.

08/02/13 - SuperVette Saturday, Classic Glass Corvette Club; Acworth GA; Now complete.
                7th Annual Corvettes & Classics; Hubbard OH; Now complete.

07/24/13 - Corvette 60th Anniversary and MotorSports Park groundbreaking, National Corvette Museum;
                photos posted, comments to follow.

07/23/13 - Corvette Adventures, Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells WI; page completed.
                SuperVette Saturday, Classic Glass Corvette Club; Acworth GA; photos posted, comments to follow.

06/16/13 - Corvette Adventures, Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells WI; photos posted; commentary to follow.

06/07/13 - Corvette Beach Caravan page completed.

06/01/13 - Corvette Beach Caravan photos posted; commentary to follow.

05/14/13 - NCM Bash page now posted. A couple changes to Our Next Stops.

03/07/13 - Pages done for the C7 Reveal and NCRS - FL event. We're caught up!

01/01/13 - Finally caught up; 2012 is wrapped up: Petit Le Mans, Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show, and Corvettes For Chip pages are done, along with some formatting changes.

10/08/12 - Funfest page completed. We're caught up!

10/02/12 - NCM Labor Day page completed. Funfest page photos loaded; description to follow.

10/01/12 - Valpo & Carlisle pages completed.

09/18/12 - Some adjustments to October schedule because of conflicts due to event date changes.

08/31/12 - Valpo, Carlisle & NCM Labor Day pages started, photos posted. Descriptions to follow.

08/01/12 - Corvette Homecoming page is complete.

07/26/12 - Corvette Homecoming page is under construction.

07/01/12 - Bloomington Gold page is complete.

06/30/12 - Corvettes For A Cause and Corvette Adventures pages complete.

06/29/12 - Photos posted for Corvettes For A Cause, Corvette Adventures and Bloomington Gold; Text to follow. Bloomington Gold added as sponsor.

05/23/12 - Corvette Beach Caravan page done.

05/22/12 - C5/C6 Bash page done. Added Central Lakes Corvette Club and Classic Glass Corvette Club as Sponsors.

05/15/12 - Added C5/C6 Bash photos. Comments and adjustments to follow.

03/06/12 - Added "Background" link to 1998 events.

02/20/12 - Finished updating all pages to new format!

02/14/12 - Added 2012 NCRS-FL Regional Meet. Some more additions to Old Drag Photos page.

01/05//12 - Lots of additions to Old Drag Photos page.

12/27/11 - More photos and clippings added, plus some navigation improvements.

12/20/11 - Finished massive load to In the press.

12/17/11 - Added a lot to the In the press links.

12/12/11 - Added a lot of photos, captured from video, to 1998 pages. Also freshened up other pages, particularly Sponsors and Links.

12/10/11 - Updated and added material to 2011 events. That's it, finally up to date!

12/09/11 - Updated and added material to 2009 and 2010 events.

12/08/11 - Updated and added material to 2007 events.

12/07/11 - Updated and added material to 2006 events.

12/05/11 - Updated and added material to 2005 events.

12/03/11 - Freshened up the home page, adding the button bar at the top of all pages for easier navigation. Repaired some bad links, most importantly, the PayPal "Donate" button.

12/02/11 - Updated and added material to 2003 and 2004 events.

11/30/11 - Updated and added material to 2002 events. Tweaked some others.

11/29/11 - Updated and added material to 2000 and 2001 events.

11/28/11 - All postings complete for 2011. Updated and added material to 1998 and 1999 events.

11/27/11 - Posted photos for remaining shows for 2011; comments will follow shortly. Also posted tentative 2012 schedule of events.

10/28/11 - Added new Sponsor: Dino's Corvette Salvage. Updated Sponsor Rate Sheet.

9/28/11 - Completed Meguiar's page. We're actually up to date!!! Added Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show for American Cancer Society to Our Next Stops.

9/25/11 - Added photos for Meguiar's show; text will follow. (Includes some Funfest photos)

9/16/11 - All recent events are now up to date!

9/13/11 - Changes to Our Next Stops. Updated 1998 pages.

9/2/11 - Completed NCRS Nationals, Novi MI. Loaded photos for Midwest Corvette & Chevy Show
and Corvettes @ Carlisle; text will follow.

8/22/11 - Completed Corvette Homecoming. Started loading photos to NCRS Nationals, Novi MI.

8/19/11 - Added photos to Corvette Homecoming.

8/17/11 - Completed NCRS Winter Meet, Strictly Corvette, and C5/C6 Bash.

7/15/11 - Started Corvette Homecoming.

7/12/11 - Completed and added some pics to Bloomington Gold.

7/11/11 - Completed Corvettes for a Cause and Corvette Adventures.

7/09/11 - Big News: We will now be capable of taking Credit Cards at all shows, thanks to an app for the iPhone and a little widget to swipe the cards that plugs into the headphone jack!

7/08/11- Completed Corvette Beach Caravan.

7/07/11 - Added photos for Bloomington Gold; text will follow.

6/21/11 - The Quest is done. Added photos for Corvette Adventures; text will follow.

6/20/11 - Added photos for The Quest and Corvette Beach Caravan; text will follow.

6/2/11 - Added Corvette Adventures; Wisconsin Dells

6/1/11 - Started pages for Corvette Beach Caravan and Corvettes For A Cause, with a couple photos. More to follow.

5/16/11 - Added photos for C5/C6 Bash and The Quest; comments will follow.

5/14/11 - Added photos for NCRS Winter Meet.

5/12/11 - Completed comments on Corvettes Against Breast Cancer, Vettes at the Village, Corvettes for Chip to finally close out 2010.

4/16/11 - Added Strictly Corvette; Atlantic City NJ

4/4/11 - Added NCRS National Convention to "Our Next Stops".

3/14/11 - Completed comments on 4 more events: Corvettes for the Cure, Vettes at the Beach, GNOCC ExtraVetteGanza and Petit Le Mans.

12/19/10 - Finished with comments on Corvettes @ Carlisle 2010 and the NCM 16th Anniversary. Updated "Our Next Stops" for 2011 tentative schedule of events.

12/13/10 - Posted photos of last 2 events of the year. Still have to catch up on a lot of events' comments!

10/17/10 - Posted photos of all events through October 9, 2010. Comments will follow as time permits.

9/02/10 - Posted reunion photo of old & new Corvettes Conquer Cancer Vettes at Corvettes @ Carlisle.

8/15/10 - Bloomington Gold is now complete. Also added some new events.

8/8/10 - SuperVette Saturday and Corvettes for a Cause are finally complete.

7/26/10 - C5/C6 Bash page is done. Added photos for Bloomington Gold and Corvette Homecoming.

6/14/10 - Hot Springs and Strictly Corvette are now complete.

6/12/10 - Finally getting some of the recent events posted: Panama City Beach Caravan is complete, the rest have photos posted; text will follow.

5/22/10 - Added several new events to Our Next Stops.

4/3/10 - Added Corvette-Chevy Expo in Houston.

3/10/10 - Added a new event: Corvette Beach Caravan.

2/14/10 - 32nd NCRS Winter Meet page completed. Expanded schedule for 2010.

2/08/10 - Updated the Our Next Stops page with the tentative 2010 schedule.

10/27/09 - Completed Carlisle 09 and NCM 15th Anniversary. Added Vets with Vettes & Corvette Owners to Sponsors and to Clubs under Links. Added Corvettes Conquer Cancer Cruise and 2 events for 2010 to Our Next Stops.

10/22/09 - Posted photos of Carlisle 09 and NCM 15th Anniversary. Text to follow soon.

8/09/09 - Finally finished posting the C5/C5 Bash from April! BTW, this would have been Sandy's 63rd birthday...

7/20/09 - New cell # (Alabama number): 256-616-1412

6/05/09 - No longer homeless! New land line now listed, and obvious changes to the schedule noted.

5/22/09 - Changed snail mail address to new Decatur AL location. I emptied and closed on the Maine house yesterday and am on the road to Decatur, with the cat. Closing on new place is Tuesday 5/26. I guess this means that I'm homeless...

5/19/09 - Changed email address to blabaree@gmail.com in preparation for move to Decatur Alabama in a few days. The rest of the contact info will be updated when I get there.

4/21/09 - Added link to our new affiliate for the Western US, http://www.corvettesconquercancer.org/

2/21/09 - Made many changes to Our Next Stops page to reflect the scheduling pr/oduced at the meeting last Sunday in Dover NH, and noting the uncertainty of the schedule because of my job loss and likely relocation to TN.

2/12/09 - Added Moose in My Back Yard page.

2/08/09 - Added the NCRS FL Winter Meet in Kissimmee FL. Also added 2007 Corvette Quarterly Ride & Drive article in pdf format

2/02/09 - Changed E-mail address to cccancer@myfairpoint.net (FairPoint bought Verizon's facilities)

1/14/09 - Removed CBE, my former employer, as a sponsor... I got laid off 1/9/09. Happy New Year! This also required an update of the available sponsor spaces sheet.

12/14/08 - Posted tentative schedule of events for 2009.

10/26/08 - Added Making Strides. Updated Sponsor rate sheet.

10/18/08 - Added 2009 to Our Next Stops.

10/14/08 - Added Vettes in the Village.

10/07/08 - Added the Haddon Heights Fall Festival and Corvette Show.

10/01/08 - Finished adding all photos and comments through 9/28. Finally caught up!

09/16/08 - Added comments through August 24 (Corvettes@Carlisle).

09/14/08 - Added photos for all events through Sept 7. Comments will follow.

06/17/08 - More tweaking; added comments to Larz Anderson Corvette Day.

06/16/08 - Tweaked Motor City Regional, added comments to Tour for a Cure

06/15/08 - Added comments to Motor City Regional & Spring Fling, and added Larz Anderson Corvette Day photos.

06/09/08 - Added photos only to Motor City Regional, Spring Fling and Tour for a Cure. Comments to follow.

05/23/08 - Added Larz Anderson Corvette Day and 2nd Annual Great American Sports Car Challenge to schedule.

05/10/08 - Added Michelin sponsor page; added and upgraded photos for 1998.

05/04/08 - Added ZR1 at Attleboro, the C5/C6 Bash, a link showing available sponsor decal spaces and rates and an addition to No Comment.

03/15/08 - Added No Comment to Misc. Stuff.

03/09 - Added some pics and reorganized layout of Old Drag Photos.

02/06/08 - Added detail about the 2009 ZR1 sneak preview and presentation by Designer Kirk Bennion at the Attleboro Arts Museum. Event will include a silent auction of ZR1 memorabilia.

02/03/08 - Added NCRS Winter Meet; Old Town, Kissimmee FL. Tweaked event schedule.

12/13/07 - Tweaked 2008 schedule.

11/08/07 - Finished Making Strides, started 2008 schedule.

10/30/07 - Finished Vettes to Vets, Castle in the Clouds, Vettes in the Village.

10/30/07 - Very pleased to add Michelin as a sponsor, having received a new set of Pilot Sport 2 tires.

10/28/07 - Finished Harvest of Vettes, Corvettes United 30th Show N' Shine

10/26/07 - Finished Rolex Vintage Festival.

10/25/07 - Added photos for Rolex Vintage Festival, Harvest of Vettes, Corvettes United 30th Show N' Shine, Vettes to Vets, Castle in the Clouds, Vettes in the Village, Making Strides. Text to follow.

10/24/07 - Finished pages for CCRI 37th Annual Corvette Show, Gate City Fundraiser, Corvettes @ Carlisle. Added events into 2008.

10/8/07 - Finished pages for Lime Rock American Le Mans Series, Club Corvette of CT show, The NCRS National Convention, Owls Head All Corvette Meet.

9/17/07 - added pages w/just photos through Corvettes@Carlisle. Text to come.

7/15/07 - Added Spring Fling and the Great American Sports Car Challenge.

6/19/07 - Figured out how to add video: check Corvette Quarterly Ride & Drive for 3 fun clips.

6/7/07 - Added some stuff to Corvette Quarterly Ride & Drive and page for Owls Head All-Corvette Meet.

6/3/07 - Added C5/C6 Bash and Corvette Quarterly Ride & Drive.

3/11/07 - Added Sponsor and Donor list to the C6 page. Completed Old Drag Photo captions. Repairs here & there.

2/18/07 - NCRS FL Winter Meet added. Updated 2007 schedule: 1 change, several additions. 

1/7/07 - Updated banner to reflect change to C6. Added "Old Drag Photos" to "Misc. stuff".

12/3 - Updates to Sponsors section.

11/22 - Many tweaks, and updating of 2007 schedule (some date changes).

10/16 - Making Strides page added. Construction begins on major revision to Sponsors pages, long overdue because of the new car.

10/12 - Harvest of Vettes and Vettes in the Village are now complete. All events for 2006 are now up to date.

10/11 - NCRS New England Regional is now complete and photos are posted for Vettes in the Village. Tentative schedule for 2007 added to Our Next Stops.

10/9 - Corvettes @ Carlisle and NCM Labor Day are now complete. Photos posted from NCRS New England Regional and Harvest of Vettes.

10/1 - Added photos for NCM Labor Day and a couple of late season schedule changes.

9/18 - "Plastic Fantastic" and "Triple C Western Roundup" are now complete.

9/15 - Added photos to CCRI's "Plastic Fantastic", Gate City's "Triple C Western Roundup" and Corvettes @ Carlisle. Text will follow shortly.

9/11 - Finished Maine 06 page.

8/3 - Finished the Lime Rock page.

7/27 - Added recent newspaper and magazine articles under In The Press. 

7/24 - Finished May 20 LRCC show, May 28 Spring Fling and June 10 Corvettes United shows. Started Lime Rock and Maine 2006 pages.

6/26 - Added first shot of the old C5 on the turntable in the front window of the National Corvette Museum.

5/22 - Added on-line donation capability via PayPal button on home page!

5/17 - Added 2006 Corvette Raffle info.

5/14 - Updates to presentation of the new C6 and the auction of the old C5 at the National Corvette Museum are now complete.

5/12/06 - Began updates to include the presentation of the new C6 and the auction of the old C5 at the National Corvette Museum. Photos up, no text yet.

4/14/06 - Added the moment of arrival at the National Corvette Museum Friday afternoon.

4/13/06 - Our new C6 showing the major graphics that were applied this afternoon!

4/13/06 - Updated Paul Eggermann's campaign page to include taking delivery of the new C6!

3/15/06 - Added info about Paul Eggermann's campaign to buy us a New C6 for our mission!

3/14/06 - Finally got around to adding January's NCRS FL trip. Also added 2 newspaper clippings about the campaign to buy us a new C6 - More on that shortly!

1/4/06 - finally finished out the 2005 season, adding the Gate City/Lakes Region Cruise, Columbus Day at Precision Valley Corvette Museum, the Gate City check presentation to the American Cancer Society and the Making Strides walk for the American Cancer Society. Also updated the Labor Day event noting the addition of the National Corvette Registry as a sponsor.

11/14/05 - added Fall Brawl.

11/6/05 - Added Labor Day at National Corvette Museum, the Great State of Maine Air Show and Harvest of Vettes. Posted tentative schedule for 2006.

10/3/05 - Added Corvettes @ Carlisle.

9/30/05 - Added Gate City Fundraiser, Nashua, NH. Also, photos from events through the end of September - commentary to follow.
Added Precision Valley Corvette Museum event October 9.

9/27/05 - Added CCRI show, No. Kingstown, RI. Updated Corvette Raffle info.

7/31/05 - Added Maine2005 C5/C6 Registry Regional Event.

7/26/05 - Added Lime Rock page.

6/26/05 - Added info and links for Gate City Fundraiser "Aloha Spirit: Hawaii '05"

6/20/05 - Updated Lime Rock info to include the C6-R team's historic repeat win at the 24 Hours at Le Mans.

6/12/05 - Expanded Corvette Raffle info to include photos of the actual car and a printable order form. Added Corvettes United show.

6/9/05 - Added 2005 Corvette Raffle info.

6/4/05 - New page for all the latest on the Lime Rock July 4th weekend.

5/30/05 - Added C5/C6 Bash and Spring Fling pages. Linked info on the Our Next Stops page about the activities at Lime Rock July 4th weekend.

4/11/05 - Added some pics & info to Gate City Fundraiser page. Dropped Bloomington Gold as Sponsor.

2/16/05 - Added NCRS FL Winter Meet.

1/9/05 - Added link to Richard Fleming's beautiful new website in honor and memory of his wife, Loraine.

12/22/04 - Finished all fixes discovered to date; some in Sponsors and one of Sandy's columns that was missing (Dec. 23, 1999).

12/19/04 - Finished thumbnail-to-full-photo errors, plus many tweaks, for all "Where we've gone" pages to date.

12/12/04 - Fixed more thumbnail-to-full-photo errors, plus many tweaks. Done through 2003.

12/6/04 - Fixed a few thumbnail-to-full-photo errors.

12/5/2004 - Posted tentative event schedule for 2005.

12/3/04 - Added final event of 2004: Chevy/Vettefest.

11/14/04 - Added Precision Valley Corvette Museum season finale show, and (at last) finished the last of the events for the year so far.

11/11/04 - Completed updates for 3 more events. Still 3 to go...

11/10/04 - Added photos for 5 events, starting with NCM Labor Day. (Still working on the text.) Sorry for the delay, but the last update (10/29/04) apparently maxed out my space on the server! While I was trying to figure out what to do about it, Earthlink announced yesterday that they were doubling my space to 600MB, at no increase in cost. Now I have some breathing room. Thank you, Earthlink!

10/29/04 - Added Corvettes @ Carlisle. Updated schedule to add Chevy/VetteFest in November.

9/22/04 - Updated 2004 Corvette Raffle showing the winner.

8/7/04 - Added Gate City Fundraiser for Corvettes Conquer Cancer; Nashua Airport, Nashua, NH

7/31/04 - Added Maine2004 C5 Registry regional event.

7/25/04 - Added Corvettes United Show, Bloomington Gold and the ALMS New England Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park. Added MKB Customs as a sponsor.

7/22/04 - Added 6/4/04 Corvettes Conquer Cancer Fundraiser at Twin State Speedway; Claremont, NH, and added Twin State Speedway as a sponsor.

6/9/04 - Added Relay for Life and Spring Fling.

6/2/04 - Changes to schedule: Precision Valley Corvette Museum fundraiser for us changed to Friday, June 4. Added "Breakfast, Ben & Back Roads" at the PVCM on June 5. 

5/23/04 - added the C5 Birthday Bash page, with pictures of the C6 at Bowling Green.

5/20/04 - Added Chip Miller's Memorial and changed the Corvette Raffle form to a different format for better printout. Precision Valley Corvette Museum fundraiser event at Twin State Speedway in Claremont, NH changed its date to June 4.

4/11/04 - Added ACS 2004 Corvette Raffle info.

3/21/04 - Added page for January's Florida events.
              Made a couple changes to "Our Next Stops".

2/1/04 - Added new flyer for August 7 Fundraiser.

12/22/03 - Added new event: "Back To The Beach", June 11-13.

12/21/03 - Brochure updated for 2004; a few other tweaks.

12/14/03 - Many tweaks and broken link fixes.

11/29/03 - New Verizon e-mail address (cccancer@verizon.net). Minor reorganization of home page.

11/11/03 - Added page for 11/8/03 Lunar eclipse and tentative 2004 schedule.

11/8/03 - Added pages for Precision Valley Corvette Museum show, Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk, Seacoast Vettes Autumn Rallye and the final Gate City Cruise.

10/6/03 - added $ amount raised for the American Cancer Society to each of the event pages for 2003.

10/5/03 - added Mt. Melee, Harvest of Vettes and Fall Brawl pages.

9/30/03 - added Lime Rock Vintage Festival.

9/24/03 - made some revisions to Our Next Stops. Posted winner of Corvette Raffle. Finished Corvettes@Carlisle.

8/27/03 - added Precision Valley Corvette Museum show & fixed some bad links in Nashua Fundraiser. Corvettes @ Carlisle is under construction.

8/16/03 - added Nashua Fundraiser.

7/30/03 - Minor tweaks to Bloomington Gold 2003, NCRS National Convention pages and Sponsors pages (added "Other Donors" link) .

7/28/03 - added In-Vette-Tational and NCRS National Convention.

7/25/03 - added Bloomington Gold 2003.

7/23/03 - Added Corvettes United 30th Show N' Shine and  Maine2003 C5 Registry Regional Event.

6/11/03 - Added Precision Valley Corvette Museum Grand Re-opening page.

6/6/03 - Updated schedule (Our Next Stops) to reflect some rain dates.

5/11/03 - Posted C5 Birthday Bash page. Some other tweaks to Sponsor pages, added Product Donor section.

5/04/03 - Some coming event date changes.

3/30/03 - Added page for new sponsor: CBE Technologies, my "day job" employer. 

2/17/03 - Added pages for NCRS Winter Meet, Orlando and Corvette Club of Orlando events. Added page for new sponsor: Corvette Dreams. Added Larry Shinoda Midyear/C5 page. Several tweaks to existing pages.

11/9/02 - New "Our Next Stops" page for 2003: our tentative schedule for the next year.

11/04/02 - A few updates to the home page, and some others.

11/03/02 - Added today's Gate City breakfast run

11/02/02 - Finally caught up on all the events since Labor day

9/13/02 - Monterey Trip postings completed; back home in Maine

9/12/02 - Monterey trip updated through 8/25 with Corvettes @ Carlisle

9/1/02 - Monterey Trip updated through Friday morning, 8/16.

8/11/02 - postings complete through 8/9 on "Monterey Trip".

8/3/02 - Added new "Monterey Trip" navigation button at left. This is where you will find all the info about this trip.
This will be updated (hopefully) daily, so check it regularly!

7/31/02    Added Lincoln County News front page article.
Click for direct link to an image of the pages.
Click here for a link to the newspaper's web site.

7/18/02    Added 2 more events to the Monterey Super Week

7/8/02      Added Dame Edna's "Drag Day"  Click for direct link.

7/4/02      Added page for Nashua fundraiser. Click for direct link.

6/22/02    Added Bloomington Gold page.
                Added "Misc. Stuff" section to index at left.

6/4/02      Added page for Corvettes United show

5/27/02    Sandy's columns are now complete!

5/22/02    Completed Sandy's columns for 1999.

5/21/02    Added Spring Fling '02 page.

5/15/02    Added Corvette Raffle info and links.

5/11/02    2 events added to "Where we've gone".

5/8/02    2 new sponsors' pages. Another month of columns.

4/28/02    Added page for the C5 Birthday Bash.

4/14/02    Columns complete through July, 1999.

4/11/02    Columns complete through April, 1999.

4/9/02    Columns complete through February, 1999.

4/8/02    Columns complete through December, 1998.

4/7/02    Added more columns - through October, 1998.

4/6/02    Added another month of Sandy's columns.

4/4/02    Added a few more of Sandy's columns.

3/31/02    New "Links" button; Added more of Sandy's columns.

3/30/02    I start manually posting Sandy's columns, "LifeLines", a temporary situation until I can get the archived files from Lincoln County News server. 13 done out of 100+.

3/16/02    Changes to Orlando '02 stuff, reflecting NCRS Florida Chapter's donation of $1000 for the American Cancer Society! Some additional tweaks to the event info.

3/2/02    Link to Sandy's columns was lost because of a website change by the newspaper that originally published the columns. I am negotiating to get the archives for continued use on this site.

Added Seacoast Vettes New England scheduling meeting.

2/11/02    Many additions to event schedule. Change dates and location of Bloomington Gold.

2/03/02    Added Key West & Orlando page under "Been There" 2002.

1/08/02     Filled in Firestone Sponsor Page.

11/29/01    Added Mystic, Making Strides & Autumn Rally pages. Updated "Going Here" page for 2002.

11/14/01    Changed e-mail address.

10/11/01    Added Pottstown page.

9/19/01    Added Funfest page.

9/09/01    Added Carlisle and Labor Day pages.

8/19/01    Added Lime Rock page.
                Added info to ACS page.

7/17/01    Added Guilford, CT page

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