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We actually owned this 63 convertible TWICE:
1977-1981 and 1990-1998.

1963 - The First Installment...

Who are those skinny people with the funny haircuts?

We paid $4350 for it, with both tops.

Think she's happy?

The following 5 shots were taken by Sandy's brother, Ray, in their home town, Princeton, NJ.

This photo, with Squibb Pharmaceuticals in the background, graced the front page of our local weekly paper - see next pic.

Looking across the Kennebec River at Bath, ME

First show, first trophy!

At this point we got busy on several mods. This was one of the first times showing the new look. Not sure where it is. 

Linda Szadis, a friend of Sandy's, created this for her.

At a show in 1981, a guy waved way too much cash in front of us - $11,000. We had paid $4350 4 years prior.) While we hadn't thought of selling it, we figured, for that money, we could get 2: one to make another show car, a more serious one, and a second for a driver. Deal done.

We instantly regretted the sale!!!

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