2006 Victory Red Coupe, Automatic, Z51, Nav, 2 tops

Right off the truck! I just happened to stop by while out on a service call.

Note: that front plate bracket was GONE 5 minutes later!

The first meeting with the '97

My first time sitting in it!

Reminiscent of this! (5/21/98)

They spent 1 night together in the garage

Heading for NJ to get the graphics installed, then on to Bowling Green.

Chaz Cone managed to capture the arrival at the Museum from their webcam!

The Big Day!

Out from the old, into the new.

Retired Corvette Chief Engineer Dave Hill makes the formal presentation. Paul Eggermann, center, made this all happen!

The Auction of the C5 immediately followed: The high bidder would write 2 equal checks - one to the National Corvette Museum and one to the American Cancer Society! Then I would sell them the car for $1.00!

The '97 auction suspense... the ultimate winner is standing right behind me!

The winners: Roman & Marilyn Sabadaszka.

Marilyn is first to sign the new car's engine.

Roman is next.

Sandy's memorial brick.

At Paul's to install the new Mallett wheels and the first set of Michelins, all donated by Chuck Mallett.

Detailed view of the new Mallett wheels and Michelins

At Lime Rock, Ron Fellows signs the engine.

I-95, northern Maine

TGFHS (thank goodness for heated seats)

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Retired Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave McLellan signs the engine.

Sponsor "Corvette Mike" Vietro

Tail of the Dragon
Deal's Gap NC, 8/29/06

Killboy.com photos

Caught on security cam, lobby of the Corvette Plant

NCM Benefit Show
Olde Mystick Village, Mystic CT

That glass top on that silver C6 actually came with my car (2 top option)!
I decided I didn't need both tops and sold it last spring. Here they are sort of reunited.


This is what 15 feet of table, 2 chairs, a 10' tent, all the display materials
and cleaning supplies looks like in the trunk of a C6 coupe!

On the track at Lime Rock

Owls Head Transportation Museum
Owls Head ME

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter stopped by for a visit.
We talked about the fun we had on the Corvette Quarterly Ride & Drive back in May in Maine.

Lime Rock Park
Rolex Vintage Festival


NCRS-FL Winter Meet
Old Town, Kissimmee FL

By good karma or something, our C6 was pointed right at Sponsor Bair's Corvettes.
Check left side of rear bumper.

Another tough winter day in paradise!

The trip home was not so much...

NCM Bash

Look what I found when I went out to my car to get something: my new top! I had been trying
to get it replaced under a GM recall program for 10 months through 3 different dealers.
Tom Hill, head Corvette Plant Quality Engineer, caused this to magically appear.
And through the miracle of mass production, it fit perfectly. Thanks Tom!

By complete accident I ran into my Michelin contact in the lobby in front of my display.
She was there because the new ZR1 is factory equipped with Michelins instead of Goodyears!
This is Amy Batt, who provided the Pilot Sport 2s that are now on the car. Thanks Amy!

NCRS Motor City Regional
Novi MI

Home of Corvette Racing 

Visit to the GM Powertrain Performance Build Center. Manager Tom Dobson gave me a private tour.

GM's Milford Proving Ground

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Rolex Vintage Festival
Lime Rock Park CT

Closed for the evening.


On the way to NCRS-FL
7:06 am, approaching Portland. TGFHS! *
(Should a Corvette even be allowed to run with a readout like this?)

* that's "Thank Goodness For Heated Seats"

Corvettes @ Carlisle

A visit to sponsor "Yogi" Bair's booth found this: 
The Corvettes Conquer Cancer C6 is featured on the cover of their catalog!
That's Yogi pointing to his decal on our car.

Mario Andretti happened by our display and I got him to autograph my fuel rail cover!


NCM Bash

Major Milestone:
As the r/f tire touched the Museum driveway I saw the odometer click to this, with this view.

Bloomington Gold

Corvettes Conquer Cancer East meets West: Adam Rogers from Colorado Springs met me here.

National Corvette Homecoming

Had a great time getting to know retired GM VP Joe Spielman!

Plant Manager, Bob Parcell, autographs my fuel rail cover.

Corvettes @ Carlisle

The Reunion! Richard Fleming brought the ol' '97!

Corvettes For The Cure
Ruskin FL

Once again, the two Corvettes Conquer Cancer Vettes are side by side.

The TV show Tailfins and Chrome was there filming the event. The host, Jake, interviewed me and Richard Fleming, owner of the old CCC Vette. Then, after coming up with the requisite $25 donation to the American Cancer Society, Jake signed the hood.

Click here for the T&C video

(My interview starts at 11:14; Richard's at 18:07)

Vettes At The Beach
Pensacola Beach FL

A milestone (of sorts)

Corvettes Against Breast Cancer
Atlanta Motor Speedway

This is a video screen capture of my best lap; head-up display shows speed & tach.

I wish I had this setup in place @ Talladega where I saw 152!

Atlanta is a much tighter course.

Corvettes For Chip
West Chester PA

Lance Miller & me.


Strictly Corvettes
Atlantic City Convention Center


Panama City Beach Caravan

That's Drew Waters, of the "Friday Night Lights" TV series. He WAS a lot of fun, and HAD a lot of fun!

Midwest Corvette Chevy Show
Valparaiso IN

I think I made Chris's day!

Meguiar's Time To Shine Show
Walmart, Oak Grove KY

That's Barry himself at the table. While there he signed the engine! (right above the "C")

Corvettes Against Breast Cancer
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Check Head Up Display: a little better this year.

On the way home...
This was the scene in front of the Microtel as I returned to the car in the morning!

Slidell LA


Corvettes For A Cause
Hutchinson, MN

Bloomington Gold
St. Charles, IL

Hey look - we're in the program!

National Corvette Homecoming
Bowling Green KY

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Effingham IL

Petit Le Mans
Road Atlanta

Our Parade Lap, as seen in the National Corvette Museum magazine, America's Sports Car.

Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show
Huntsville AL

Corvettes For Chip
West Chester PA


Corvette Adventures
Wisconsin Dells

I stopped by the American Cancer Society office in Bowling Green. First time I'd seen the new office.

Shenango Valley Corvette Club
Corvettes & Classics Show
Hubbard OH

Together again, with the Pink Vette in between! The 97 had over 210k miles on it and looks fantastic;
the pink 84, over 100k; the 2006, 181k. Nearly half a million total miles between them, for a cause!

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Vettes & Jets on the Lex
Carrier USS Lexington
Corpus Christi TX


A major milestone!

Spring Hill TN, returning from visit to the NCM sinkhole. 3/21/14.

NCM Bash


Corvette Adventures
Wisconsin Dells

Hiway Earth
Franklin Canyon, Beverly Hills CA

Corvettes For Chip
Media PA


Lakeland FL

Corvettes @ Carlisle

In place @ 5:58 am.

Guest of honor, Chip Foose, signed this poster, personalized for me...

...and also signed my fuel rail cover. THANK YOU Pam Powell for standing in line 3x to get these done for me as I was stuck at my table!

Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show
Huntsville AL


NCM Bash

My C6 now on the counter top in the Corvette Cafe

Great, high visibility parking spot with the Michelin display!

My Vette and I even appeared in the official Celebrity Pick Car Show Winners' Circle photo!

Corvettes Conquer Cancer Show

Cabela's; Huntsville AL

November 17, 2016

One Quarter Million Miles!

Click image to watch it happen!


This is where it happened, as seen on Google Earth Street View. I-565 in Madison AL, Westbound at about Mile 10.


Michelin Bash

National Corvette Museum

Historic Route 66 Trip

Back in the garage at end of my 40 day, 11,236 mile Rt 66 trip.


Corvettes @ Carlisle