1952 Chevy Sedan Delivery

(Basically a 2 door station wagon without the back windows and a single swing-out door in the back rather than the usual transom/tailgate (see photos below). Chevy built them from the 30s into the 60s.)

This was the business vehicle for my office equipment service for several years, and also served as a family car. I built it in 1975, 2 years after we moved to Maine from the Philadelphia area. Stock when I got it, I installed a 327 Chevy V8 engine with Powerglide, Volvo bucket seats in front, back seat from a small wagon (I don't remember what), fully carpeted the floor and the walls in back, seat belts for 5, 12 volt electrical, am/fm/cassette.

Black bumper? No, not Mennonite, but a lot cheaper than chrome.

Rear bumper was missing: Stained and varnished oak worked very well!

Supremely comfortable interior!

Back seat, with seatbelts for 3, and looking over the seat at the back door showing finished walls and door, headliner, courtesy lights and rear window defroster.

Looking in the back door.

Whoa - that engine is embarrassing! But it ran flawlessly.

Please excuse this beat up photo - it spent many years in my wallet.

We had some snow that winter! That's Christy walking a doll in the snowbank.

The 52 served us well for several years, but the gas crisis ultimately convinced me to replace it with a (grimace) Ford Fiesta.