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July 11&12, 2008

Friday, July 11

4:30am departure

9:22am arrival

Awaiting the crowds

Olivier Beretta & Gary Pratt

Ron Fellows & youngest son Patrick

Jan Magnussen & Johnny O'Connell

Line-up for start of practice.

After practice, the Corvette Corral is filling up.

Line-up for parade laps.

We got almost 3 laps.

The laptop GPS recorded the laps.

Jaime Recabo's C6-R 3/4 clone.

Steve Wesolowski talks Corvette racing to an eager crowd.

Dead Aston Martin 007.

Not quite my usual display, but this is what Chevrolet would allow in the Corral...

Vintage Don Yenko '63 Z06, restored by Bob & JR Amantea and Ray Zisa.

Saturday July 12

I grabbed the other side of the Corral entrance today.
(Right next to the porta-potties: guaranteed traffic!)

Watched some qualifying on the big screen in the Corral tent.

2 Callaways: factory left, Lance Miller right; engine of factory car.

Beautiful '62/C5 Restomod

The place has really filled up!

Autograph session: l-r Ron Fellows, Jan Magnussen, Johnny O'Connell,
Olivier Beretta, Oliver Gavin. Robin Pratt looks on from left.

The donation jug did pretty well in my absence! 

Buzz Nielsen presents Celebrity Pick awards.

The race!

Fledgling race photog!

On the way to dinner, I spotted these 3 Ford GTs gassing up.

Sunday July 13

Packed & ready to head for home. Since I had to book a minimum of 2 nights to get the room,
I just took my time for a leisurely dinner after the race, then slept in before loading up.

Final stats, back home in Maine.

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