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April 26-29, 2007
Bowling Green, KY

This was a bittersweet event for us. I joined with many friends in celebrating the life and friendship of Frank Genova, dedicating a brick and a bench in his memory.

It was also the first birthday of our Corvettes Conquer Cancer C6, which was presented to us at the 2006 Bash.

It was also a very unusual event for me because I was sick as a dog for the entire event (food poisoning) and missed both the Corvette Racing dinner Friday and the final dinner Saturday.

Thanks to a whole bunch of wonderful people
we were able to send a total of $3667.00 to the 
American Cancer Society office in Bowling Green, KY.

Tuesday, April 24

Leaving Maine 6:26am for a quick visit with my parents in Philadelphia,
before moving on to Carlisle for the night.

Wednesday, April 25

Carlisle to Bowling Green, a 14 hour, 900 mile day. This included all 318 curves in
the 11 mile "Tail of the Dragon" section of US129 straddling the NC/TN line.
No time to be shooting photos in that stretch, but I had a camcorder mounted
on the dash to record the fun. 

Thursday, April 26

Rain. At least I didn't feel obligated to wash the car...

Views of my space in the front window of the lobby
of the National Corvette Museum, from both outside and inside.

Dinner at the Montana with the IC5CU gang. Dinner for them, at least -
I could barely eat anything, and that was the last thing I ate until I got back home on Monday!

Friday, April 27

Mob in the lobby. I was VERY thankful that the
men's room was right around the corner!

The folks who bought my C5 last year, Roman & Marilyn Sabadaszka,
arriving at the Museum, at right, in the shades.

The crowd greets the 2008 Vettes... and blocks my view of them!

Saturday, April 28


A Tribute to Frank Genova

The Bench

This was the first memorial bench to be dedicated!

Here is Frank at the 2006 Bash, holding the plaque that Dave Hill had read moments before as he presented me with the new car. If the guy in the orange shirt stepped aside, you could see the spot where Frank's bench now sits.

 Here are some of the people who spoke at the Bench dedication:
Tracey Richardson, Donna Genova, 

Tadge Juechter, Wil Cooksey, Harlan Charles,

Tony "Zippy" Vernogis and Jake Drennon.

Some of the faces in the crowd...

The Brick

Fittingly, Frank's brick occupies the very first space on the Walk of Fame!

Frank's last Vette, which went home to FL with Bernard & Ruth Hochberg.
Bernard presided over the brick dedication, above center.


The 2007 Indy 500 Pace Car.

The Banner

This is the Auction where the banner that flew trackside on the
Corvette Racing Pavilion at the 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans
was sold to Gary & Tonya Curry for $2100. 

Frank Genova attended that race, brought the banner home and donated it to the Maine2005 C5/C6 Registry event as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Steve & Bev Adams bought it there for $900, then donated it back in 2006 to again be a fundraiser for ACS. I took it to the Museum's Labor Day Celebration and, at her suggestion, entrusted it to Marilyn Sabadaszka. She gave it to Robin Pratt who took it to the Petit Le Mans race in GA later that month. Robin was able to get ALL SIX of the C6-R drivers and EVERY MEMBER of the Pratt & Miller crews to autograph it! I had an agreement with the museum that I would donate it for the Bash auction on the condition that the proceeds be split between the Museum and the American Cancer Society. Frank's souvenir from the 2005 Le Mans race has, to date, generated $1950 for the American Cancer Society and $1050 for the National Corvette Museum!

Thank you, Frank, and all the others identified above who helped boost its value!

Sunday, April 29

The fact that these 3 Vettes happened to be parked together Sunday morning was appropriate. When I got back to my hotel room Saturday I knew I was too sick to go to the closing dinner. This presented a problem because that was where we sell the bulk of the tickets for the 50/50 raffle and draw the winner! I called Tony "Zippy" Vernogis and asked if he would be a lifesaver and take over for me. He immediately drove over and picked up all the stuff (and my dinner ticket). He and Pat ran with it, recruiting Charlie and Jim Robertson and Pam Dansbury to help sell tickets and Frank & Bettie Noerr and Larry & Janette Terrell to count the money. They did a great job: the final pot was $1817.  And the winner was: Frank & Bettie!!! Without hesitation, they donated their 50% back so that the entire $1817 would go to the American Cancer Society!

That, my friends, is why this grouping of Vettes is significant:
the blue C5 is Frank & Bettie's and the Ron Fellows C6 Z06 is Zippy's.
I had captured the last photo from the Museum's web cam as
Zippy & Pat took delivery of that car on April 9!

All packed up again and ready to head back East.

Monday, April 30

Some interesting cloud patterns northbound on I-81 through Pennsylvania

Timing permitted stopping off at my office in Portland to show my new boss, David Barter, the car that proudly bears the CBE Technologies logo. As luck would have it, the VP for Services, George Mellor, was there from Boston at the time, so they both got their first look at the car. CBE and ValCom have been wonderfully supportive of our Corvettes Conquer Cancer mission from the very beginning.


The final stats:

(+ 2000 reset = 2983.1)

Most important stats:
$3667.00 for the American Cancer Society
$1850.00 for the National Corvette Museum!

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