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C5/C6 Bash
National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, KY
April 23-26, 2008

This was a memorable event, what with restarting the old C5 for the first time in 2 years and the dedication of Roman Sabadaszka's memorial brick. We had a successful 50/50 Raffle, generating $1225 for the American Cancer Society. Table donations came to $468 for a total of $1693. This qualified for a match from Neutrogena, bringing the total generated for ACS to $3386.00!

Monday April 21

Start from home

I visited with my parents in Philly for a few hours, then on to Carlisle for the night.

Wednesday April 23

The next night was in Cherokee NC. Yes, it's an Indian reservation, hence this casino.

Right on schedule, I met up with Roland Roth for what was to be his first drive on the Tail of the Dragon. Roland was in my brother's class in high school in Philadelphia, 2 years behind me. We crossed paths again, for the first time since I graduated in 1960, at the NCRS meet in FL in 2002 (rt photo).

"Deal's Gap", and the "Tree of Shame". This is where the "Tail of the Dragon" begins.

These photos are from A really great service!
Notice in the first 2 shots I'm pointing my camera at the photographer
(yeah, I know, the lens cap is on...)

Arrival in Bowling Green.

Thursday April 24

My "office" in the National Corvette Museum for 3 days: in my favorite space in the front window, right by the front door. Even though I am pretty  much stuck here, at least I can see everybody coming and going as well as what is happening out front.

Thanks to Chaz Cone for this shot of me, out to retrieve something from the car.

C5/C6 Registry barbeque at AutoMasters in front of the Corvette plant.
"BlueLight Special" is a great oldies band... yes, they are cops!

This photo from the BBQ appeared in the Registry magazine article on the Bash.

Friday April 25

Long-time friend & sponsor Marsh Fancher of Corvette Dreams strolls in.

2009 Corvettes on display on the circle.

This "Cyber Gray" Z06 is absolutely stunning with the gray wheels and the 2-tone gray interior! Sinister...

Look what I found when I went out to my car to get something: my new top! I had been trying to get it replaced under a GM recall program for 10 months through 3 different dealers. Tom Hill, head Corvette Plant Quality Engineer, caused this to magically appear. And through the miracle of mass production, it fit perfectly. Thanks Tom!

By complete accident I ran into my Michelin contact in the lobby in front of my display. She was there because the new ZR1 is factory equipped with Michelins instead of Goodyears! This is Amy Batt, who provided the Pilot Sport 2s that are now on the car. Thanks Amy!

Left-center to right: Ray Battaglini, John Cafaro, Jack Matukas & Marilyn Sabadaszka.

Shots from the Museum expansion groundbreaking ceremony.

Saturday April 26

Past Museum Chairman Larry Martin and new Corvette Plant Manager Paul Graham.

Two very special events with Marilyn Sabadaszka, who now owns my old C5:

Here's the old warhorse, which has resided at the Museum for the past 2 years. Marilyn and her husband Roman bought it the day I was presented with the new car. It even spent a month on the turntable in the front window. With the help of a jumper, it fired right up and idled right down like no time had passed, even with the 2 year old gas. The odometer had gained 1 mile.

Immediately after the revival of the old car was the Memorial Brick ceremony for Roman, who died suddenly last summer. At Marilyn's request I was one of the speakers. There were no greater supporters of the Museum and Corvette Racing than Roman and Marilyn!

Another brick for Roman, bought by Buzz & Jackie Nielsen.

Somewhere out there is Tadge Juechter introducing the ZR1. 

This wonderful lady and her daughter paid the $25 to the American Cancer Society
to sign the underside of the hood. Thank you Liz & Katie!

Sunday April 27

Well, it all went back in the car once again. Time to hit the road for home.

Overnight in Carlisle, PA.

Monday April 28

I was treated to torrential rain for about 600 miles, all the way from Carlisle to home.

Home again!

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