Bowling Green KY

Thanks to the support of the National Corvette Museum and the great people there we were able to send $870.00 to the American Cancer Society's office in Bowling Green!

Thursday, April 28

Leaving powerless Decatur after surviving the infamous April 27 tornadoes that left
the entire Northern 1/3 of Alabama in the dark!

Shortly after getting onto I-65, traffic ground to a halt, then crept along for the next 6 miles (1 hour). I knew the EF5 tornado had crossed I-65 in that area. Sure enough, debris appeared in the median and shoulders, then we passed whole groves of trees snapped off as if by a giant weed whacker! Then the reason for the slowdown appeared - the remains of an unfortunate 18-wheeler blocking the travel lanes. 

Back to work in the lobby of the Museum.

New color for 2011: Inferno Orange!


The Corvette Racing lunch featured great talks by Doug Fehan,
Corvette Racing Program Director, Dan Binks, #3 car Crew Chief,
and Tommy Milner, new driver this year.

Later, Dan Binks drew the winner in the raffle drawing for the first Supersonic Blue Z06.

New color for 2012: Carlisle Blue!

Another new color: Carbon Flash, and incredible new Michelin "cup" tires - essentially street legal race tires.


Plant Mgr Dave Tatman draws the winner of the Torch Red 2011 Convertible $10 raffle.
I didn't win...

Two Corvette Plant Managers on the dance floor at the same time:
Dave Tatman in foreground, and Wil Cooksey right behind (and above!) him.

Sunday, May 1

Back in Decatur. 443 miles, r/t.

And yes, the power was back on! Every few hours while in Bowling Green, I had called my fax # at home. If it didn't answer, the power was still off. Sunday morning, as I was packing up, I tried again - still no answer. So, I got on line and made a reservation in Columbia TN, about 45 minutes from home, figuring I could commute between there and home until power was restored.

Loaded up and after paying another quick visit to the museum, I gassed up before hitting I-65 South. While the pump was running, I tried the fax again... IT ANSWERED!!! Wow!

Now, however, I had the problem of the non-refundable reservation! I pondered this as I drove South, and decided, what the heck, and called the hotel directly. After explaining the situation, the staffer graciously agreed to cancel the reservation, with no charge!

THANK YOU, Comfort Inn, Columbia TN!!!

I didn't even crack the door of the fridge until the next morning! All I saved was the beer. {;-D