Bowling Green, KY

This is always one of my favorite events.
With Shari O'Brien's help we were able to raise 
for the American Cancer Society in Bowling Green!

Thursday, April 24

Departing Decatur AL, 5:21 am.

That departure time would normally have gotten us to the NCM a few minutes before 8:00 am, beating the Nashville rush hour nightmare. Key word: normally. This time I-65 became a parking lot 22 miles south. The detour was 23 miles longer, with the last half stop & go. Arrival at the museum was 50 minutes late!

On a lighter front, as I was setting up in the lobby, I had the pleasure of witnessing Sheriff Joe Jakub put the cuffs on Jake Delaney, in anticipation of his karaoke performance all weekend, right behind my table. That Corvette with the wild paint job outside is Joe's DARE Corvette cruiser!

A great spot - between the entrance and the Corvette Café!

The Skydome Sinkhole

(Click image for much more info)


The 2015 Stingray Z06

The usual Friday night Microtel lot party...

Friday April 25

A familiar number... 8 years later:

In 2006, the last day with the '97, at the National Corvette Museum

Now, at the NCM.

To be honest, I only fudged this slightly: As I approached the turn into Corvette Drive that morning I noticed that I would be about 3 miles short of the goal, so I continued straight and looped around to come in Corvette Drive from the other direction. The odometer turned to this reading about 50' from the parking spot!

Saturday, April 26

My car on a table in the Corvette Café.

Sandy's Brick, that we placed at the Bash in 2000, and its location.

Valerie Aiello signs the hood for her $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

Sorry, no pics from the banquet - too busy selling 50/50 tickets.

With Shari's help, we ended up with a pot of $1625.00! The winner received $813.00 and I bundled the remaining $812.00 with the $25 from Valerie's hood signature to send

the American Cancer Society's Bowling Green office a total of $837.00.

Sunday, April 27

Back home stats.

BTW, that AFE is the worst ever recorded in this car, thanks to the Nashville Gridlock that cost 50 minutes and 23 miles over the normal 2h40m travel time Northbound and 35 minutes and 12 more miles Southbound!