Michelin Bash 2017

National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green KY

April 26-29

Always one of my favorite events, but this year it was a bit disappointing. Even with Shari O'Brien's help we only raised $202 for the American Cancer Society's Bowling Green office. We attribute this to the fact that we could no longer sell 50/50 tickets or draw the winning ticket at the closing banquet.

Wednesday, April 26

Depart Decatur AL for Bowling Green, 1:39 pm.

Arrive at NCM, 4:24 pm.

Dinner (& beer) at Montana

Thursday, April 27

Our display for the weekend. Couldn't ask for a better spot!

The Corvette Racing seminar

Ron Fellows and Doug Fehan are always entertaining!

Wes Wong moderates the discussion with Doug Fehan, Jim Miller and Gary Pratt of Pratt & Miller.

Friday April 28

Stacey signs the hood for her donation.

Roy Carman signs the hood for his huge donation!

The Callaway "AeroWagen"

Chris Chessnoe has put even more miles on his Company 2010 Callaway than I have on my 2006!

As always I had to visit Sandy's Brick.  

The great high visibility spot for the CCC Vette for the weekend, with Michelin and Jeff Nowicki.

The Valley Vettes gang from Huntsville in the Corvette Café.

Saturday April 29

My youngest fan of the event!

My good buddy, The Michelin Man!

Out by my car, with Michelin Community and Influencer Manager, Johnny Valencia getting in on the act.

Sunday April 30

A couple of favorites from my customary walk-through of the museum before heading home.

The Corvette SR-2 and the SS

Roy Orbison's 67!

Final figures, back home in Decatur AL