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2nd Annual Maine Mountain Corvette Festival
Bethel, ME

Aug. 14-16, 2008

Thursday, Aug. 14

After working in Augusta until 1:30, I took off for the 60 mile drive to Bethel.

Nearing the town, I spotted this welcome sign.

This group was assembled at the Bethel Inn for the short scenic drive on the schedule.

Parts of the 40 mile jaunt.

Friday, Aug. 15

Today I left work in Augusta about noon to be part of the great, longer scenic drive.

Saturday, Aug. 16

Scenes of the show on the Bethel Inn lawn as strong storms circled around us.

Organizer Roger Beaudoin presents the awards.

The end of a fun 3 days in the beautiful western Maine mountains.

This fledgling event, hampered by Corvette unfriendly weather, still managed to generate $190.00 for the American Cancer Society. Thank you Roger, the Bethel Chamber of Commerce, and the great Corvette people who participated!

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