Pheasant Run Resort, St Charles, IL
June 21-24, 2012

Thanks to Bloomington Gold for returning as a sponsor of Corvettes Conquer Cancer.
Guy Larsen and Ed Saari are a class act!

(We were even in the Program!)

Wednesday, June 20

Leaving Decatur AL, 4:52am

After losing a good hour in a nightmare of repaving in 100 degree heat, we're here.
Hmmm... same space # as last year, but not quite the same location. Oh well, close enough.
Too windy & hot to set up now; we'll do it early in the morning when it'll be cooler.

Thursday, June 21

As soon as  I got set up and wiped down the car, the first light shower started.
This pattern repeated twice - just finish wiping the car and the sprinkler above starts again.

Setup day is typically light traffic, so a good time to check out the Great Hall.
Click image below for the sights.


On the way back to my display I stopped at the Street Shop booth to see friends/club members staffing it.
I was directed to this absolutely stunning midyear. Click image to see more of it.


Friday, June 22

The rain long gone, it was a beautiful day, and getting busier.

Once again, Sue & Doug from Corvette Adventures were 2 spaces up the path. Hey, look: We're on the 2013 poster, bottom center!

The Great Hall inductees at the conclusion of the program. Lance Miller represented John Fitch.

Saturday, June 23

I had company from Huntsville: club members Malcome & Larry and Larry's son, Nick. My registration packet happened to have 3 extra admission tickets and parking passes. They came up from Alabama late Friday and were great company and a big help!

Vincant Kaelbs signed the hood for his $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

So did Deb Scaccianoce from the booth to our left. I didn't catch her in the act, but here's the result.

Thank you both for supporting the cause!

Sunday, June 24

Since Sunday is traditionally very slow and the chance of rain was pretty good, especially in the morning,
I had chosen to pack up Saturday evening.

Departing St. Charles after a leisurely start.

It was a HOT trip! Temp was over 100 from the middle of IL all the way to my garage, with only 4 momentary dips to 99.

This was the high, showing all the way through the Nashville area.

The final stats:

(That 30.4 mpg is unusually high because I reset it as I left St. Charles. That's what it can do on the highway. It normally runs in the 26-27 range as an overall average since the first of the year.)