The Blue Swallow Motel
Tucumcari NM
May 13, 2017

This place was well worth the extra 2 days in Tucumcari just for the privilege of staying here!

Earlier photos I took while passing through town on previous trips



Owners Nancy and Kevin Mueller on May 11, 2017,
the day I stopped to book my reservation. Super nice people!

Arrival on May 13, 2017.
FYI: The classic car parked under the sign changes every day.

I was too early for the office to be open for registration, but Nancy spotted me as I drove around back and just gave me the key to #7! She said to come by the office after it opened to finish the registration. Is that service or what!

Most of the rooms have their own garage, with cool murals on the walls. This is mine, with an Easy Rider theme.

Earlier vintage neon sign adorns the maintenance/laundry unit.

More garage murals

Looking out from the above garage bay

More murals on the outside walls

In for the night

A look around the room

Note the blue-swallow-embroidered bedspread!

The period-appropriate rotary dial phone. Yes, it works.

Interesting period publications in the drawer

And nice artwork on the walls

I had to get a nighttime shot of the neon in its full glory!

Time to check out. Note that the car under the sign is the same one as seen in my 2014 photo at top of page.