Brandywine Picnic Park
West Chester, PA

Friday, November 4

Saturday, November 5

After spending the night in Carlisle, PA, I spent the day with my mother in Philadelphia. In September we were forced to move her from the home she had been in since 1942 when I was 3 months old, to an assisted living facility. It was a tough decision and a somewhat depressing visit...

Saturday night I was privileged to be the guest of Harold and Sharon Holeman in Newark DE. Harold owns C5Creations, makers of the Stretch Bra that has kept the nose of the Corvettes Conquer Cancer C6 nearly blemish free for 143,000 miles!

Sunday, November 6

Harold leads the way.

Only 1/2 hour and we're there at the Brandywine Picnic Park.

We set up in the tent with the special collection. Lance Miller arrived in the Cunningham #3 1960 Le Mans winner!

Sights around the grounds on a cool but beautiful day.

Awards time, where they announced that the event had raised
$13,000 for the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation!

My $20 double-arms-length of raffle tickets won me this fabulous

Dana Forrester print of the 3 1960 Vettes at Le Mans in 1960.
It was autographed by John Fitch and Lance Miller!

Monday, November 7

After spending the night in Hagerstown MD, back home again.

The end of another great year!

Footnote on the drive from Hagerstown: worst day for deer I have ever encountered. Not just the dozen or so road kill noted, but 2 active deer/car wreck scenes with emergency services: one with a deer-size hole in the windshield and one with the very fresh carcass on the right shoulder and the car in the trees in the median. Keeps you on your toes...