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at the
National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, KY
April 19-22, 2001

Thanks to the Museum for their support of our cause.
The 50/50 generated $2102 for the American Cancer Society!!!

(You will notice that beginning with this event, I will be posting a LOT more photos,
thanks to the purchase of a digital camera!)

Wednesday, April 18

9:00am est.
Once again I leave in a snowstorm. 

Odometer at start.

Thurs. April 19

5:00pm cst  Arrival at the National Corvette Museum.
This is more like it! 

Our old friend Dan Gale finally is identified
in the Museum, although that certainly isn't his body,
and that photo of him is DREADFUL!

Sandy's plate, "DIDNTW8" on display.

Grand Sport # 2 is new since my last visit.

Also on display in the Spire is the
"Scale Visions" model of Sandy's C5.
by Don Theune.

Some of the dinner crowd (and "107 Club" members)
George, John, Fran, Jim & Sally.

Friday, April 20

Display space right inside the door.

Yeah, it was kind of gloomy for a while.

Parked with Chuck Mallett's display.
Check out how low his crew-cab hauler is!

Some of the featured race cars.

Saturday, April 21

Brick ceremony. George Woyansky explains
the history of the "107 Club".

George expands on the story for Dave Hill's amusement!

Today I remembered to put up the banner!

Auction item: the wheel and tire that Dale Earnhart damaged
hitting the wall in practice - autographed. It went for $10,000!!!

I did a 50/50 cash raffle. The winner will be drawn tonight at the banquet.
The Museum will also draw the winner of that raffle silver Z06.

Museum Board Chairman Dollie Cole and
Bob Wallace, Vette Magazine editor.

Saturday Evening Banquet

Tony "Zippy" Vernogis accepting my Celebrity Pick award
from Dollie Cole. This was Tony's first Corvette outing
since a bone marrow transplant last fall for leukemia. He
spent most of the weekend helping me at my table.
Thanks, Tony, and congratulations!

Russ Caron and Bill Martone count the 50/50 cash.

I flash the winner's half of the incredible 50/50 cash total of $4205.00. The other half goes to the

American Cancer Society from Corvettes Conquer Cancer. Are C5 people great or what?

And the winner is...
Mark McGehan, Corvette Plant Quality Manager.

Jake Drennon looks on.

Thank you, everybody who participated, and especially those who helped sell the tickets at the banquet: Gregory and Russ Caron, Beth Cafaro (and the guy who was working with her, whose name I did not get).

But especially to Tony Vernogis for giving up so much of his weekend to help.

Sunday, April 22; Misc.

I left a rose on Sandy's brick.

And a rose for Lorraine from Richard Fleming.

The new Jim Schefter Memorial Bricks. Jim was the author of
"All Corvettes Are Red". He had donated many autographed copies
of his book to us which we sold as a benefit for Corvettes Conquer Cancer.

The new Dale Earnhart bricks.

Monday, April 23

Western PA I-80
Sunrise in the fog.

Back at home in Maine that evening.

Can you say soup"?

Total miles for the trip.

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