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The C6 at the 2004 Birthday Bash

A pair of C6s under wraps in the Rotunda until the introduction on Friday.

Here they are with the wraps off on Saturday.
That's the new "Daytona Sunset Orange" color.

A rolling chassis.

One of those camouflaged mules from the spy photos.

This is where the C5 started: 1997 VIN #0001.

This is where the C6 started: 2005 VIN #0001. The convertible behind it is VIN #3.

Since it was raining, I checked:
YES, they fixed the problem of drainage off the raised hatch!

Also on the scene was a new GM venture: "Corvette Genuine Accessories"
obviously hopes to get the jump on the aftermarket for C6 dress-up goodies.

The new "Precision Red" on the C6 against the "Torch Red" on the C5.
While the first impression is that it is dull, I found the new shade
growing on me as the weekend progressed.

The new "Daytona Sunset Orange" in the sun. Yes, finally SUN!

Dave Hill kicks off the introduction of the C6.

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