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Corvettes @ Carlisle
Carlisle, PA
August 25-27, 2000

Karen Coberly paid a visit to show off her T-shirt. Her plate: " I1MYVET "
Yes, she won her 2000 convertible in the American Cancer Society raffle
that Sandy started and ran for 18 years!

A major surprise: Don Theune of Scale Visions makes extremely detailed model cars. For several years he has donated a one-of-a-kind model of a well known Corvette for the Carlisle Charity Auction. He met Sandy last year when we were in Chip's Choice and his display was across the hall. He was so impressed with her and her mission that he decided to do a model of Sandy's C5 for the 2000 auction, and took a lot of photos of her car. He told us that he was going to make a slight exception to his 1 of 1 policy and would make a second one... for the National Corvette Museum! They would each be unique: one with roof on and one with roof off. Wonderful!

Then the surprise when I connected with him this year:
He had made a third version...

Fantastic!!! Thanks Don!

Oh - the Charity Auction version sold for $1100.00,
benefit for the American Cancer Society!

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