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Corvettes @ Carlisle
Carlisle, PA
August 24-26, 2001

Leaving home for Carlisle - 4:44am 8/22/01

Leaving Gary's house - 5:45am

Thursday, August 23: Mallett Cars
Berea, OH
Chuck's crew changes the oil, installs pads & rotors,
and the new Firestones, compliments of Bridgestone/Firestone!

Some other things of interest at Mallett's: a blown 427 Z06 automatic,

and these are shots of a little sideline of Chuck's: radio control racers!
These cars are the size of a shoebox and pack 3 HP, 4wd  and more technology than you can imagine!

Corsa Performance
Jim Browning of Corsa offered to install one of their classy exhaust systems
while we were in Berea. We decided on the Touring mufflers with the Pro tips,
with Corsa's x-pipe which completely eliminates resonance, crackling and popping.

(What's that Viper thing? A new toy for Brock Yates, of Cannonball Run
and One Lap of America fame: a '34 roadster street rod.)

At last, Carlisle!

Friday, 8/24

Early visitors to our booth: Elfi Duntov and Karen Gale.

Firestone Mid Atlantic Rep, Sal Guinta. They are providing our tires!

C5 Registry dinner, and the Z06 Convertible(?!) spotted in the parking garage.

Saturday, 8/25

Chip Miller makes announcements at the Celebrity Lunch.

Corvette Plant Manager Wil Cooksey struts the runway at the Fashion Show.

Dick & Diane from NJ get photos with the Tour C5.

Gary, Cheryl & Taylor at the booth with Dan Zelonis from NH.

Remember the original Nomad show car?
(this isn't it)

In the middle of that sea of plastic is our booth, right in front of the maroon Meguiar's tent.

My Celebrity Pick: Larry Atchison's '62. I swear, I looked at every one of the
2427 eligible Corvettes on the Fun Field for the one car that Sandy would
have picked, and I know without a doubt that this is the one!

Sunday, 8/26

Some new friends at the booth!

Cheryl left earlier to fly home. Here Gary & Taylor hit the road in Mom's '01 Navy ragtop. Thanks for the help!!!

My Celebrity Pick came by for photo op and to say thanks.
Sandy would have LOVED IT!

Packed up again, I hit the road for a couple days with my parents in Philadelphia
before going to Bowling Green for the Labor Day Celebration.

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