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Corvettes at Carlisle is traditionally the biggest of the Corvettes shows. This year was no exception, with over 56,000 people attending.

What made this year different was the loss of co-founder Chip Miller back in March to Amyloidosis, a rare plasma cell disorder that affects the organs. His son Lance has become the coordinator for the event, and did a tremendous job of filling his dad's very big shoes!

This wonderful booklet was included with the registration packages.

This was our seventh year as a guest of Corvettes @ Carlisle. Our fundraising was a 3-pronged effort: donations at our display, a raffle of a custom made composite print of the winner's Corvette and a 50/50 drawing done at the C5 Registry dinner. Between the three, we were able to send $1025.00 to the American Cancer Society's office in Harrisburg, PA.

Thursday, August 26

Leaving home. 

Friday, August 27

Arrival on the Fairgrounds Friday morning to set up found somebody in our assigned
space. I knew the owner, and when we tracked him down, Bobbie Tow from Atlanta
was very gracious and moved without any problem.

We then set up. We had a lot extra going on this year: Paul Eggermann was taking orders (and running around taking pictures) for his photo collage  prints to help our fundraising by raffling a custom print. Gary, Cheryl & Taylor Readio also helped "man" our display, as they have for several years.

That's Lance Miller in the new black C6, talking to Dave & Glenda McLellan.

A Race Car Reunion was one of the features of this year's event.
This is an SR2 (left), which I had seen at the Monterey Historic Races
in 2002, displayed (c) and on the track (r).

This is one of Chip's favorites from his own collection:
The Cunningham 1960 that won its class at Le Mans in 1960.
At right, as displayed at his memorial service in April.

This year's "Chip's Choice" featured Greenwood Corvettes. #75 here (l),
I also remembered from Monterey in '02, seen in the paddock (c) and on the track (r).

Friday evening

The C5 Registry dinner was a good time, as usual.
Corvette Plant Manager Wil Cooksey was the featured speaker; always a treat!

Saturday, August 28

One of the most memorable moments of the weekend
occurred on Saturday: As a tribute to Chip Miller, at the stroke of 12:00 Noon
all of the Corvettes on the grounds were requested to start and rev their engines for
15 seconds. This was followed by a minute of silence. Those of us who were in
the big tent for the "Celebrity Lunch" had the added treat of being right
next to the Race Car collection. What a sound! I know Chip loved it, too!

My Celebrity Pick... again! This was still, without a doubt, THE Vette
on the grounds that Sandy would have picked: Larry Atchison's 62!

Then it hit...

Followed by a rainbow!

Sunday, August 29

What can I say...

(Dave & Glenda McLellan took notice!)

After I was all packed up on Sunday, it was time for a nice quiet dinner with
the entire staff of our booth. l-r: Paul Eggermann, Gary, Taylor & Cheryl
Readio and Barbara Eggermann at Rillo's, the best restaurant in Carlisle.

Monday, August 30

Monday morning, I departed Carlisle for the short trip to Philadelphia, where I spent the night with my parents before heading for Kentucky and the National Corvette Museum.

Arrival in Philly.

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