Carlisle PA Fairgrounds
August 24-26, 2012

This was our 15th year as guests of Carlisle Events and it continues to be my favorite show. Thanks to Lance Miller and the C5/C6 Registry, I was able to send $770.00 to the American Cancer Society's office in Lemoyne PA!

Tuesday, August 21

Leaving Decatur, 9:02am

Wednesday, August 22
Visiting Mom in Philadelphia

Thursday, August 23

All set up in our usual spot: back to the Big Trees, facing the grandstand and stage.
Awaiting Gary's arrival.

Friday, August 24

It's great to have Gary (Readio) back! This is the first time he's
been able to get here from Maine since '09.

Thanks to having him on duty, I was able to make the rounds
of the fairgrounds, seeing friends & networking.

In the NCRS building was friend and GM Powertrain engineer Bill Nichols' 63.
The fact that it holds every NCRS award plus Bloomington Gold didn't
deter Bill from DRIVING IT HERE from Michigan!

Always a pleasure to see Matt Kokolis' spectacular
Glassworks Hardtop Shop display!

Seen in Chip's Choice:
The ZL1 development engine; cover story: Hot Rod Magazine, Dec. 1968

Friday evening was, of course, the C5/C6 Registry dinner,
where we do a 50/50 for the American Cancer Society.

The winner was Jacques Etkowicz. He gave back his winning share,
so the entire $620.00 pot went to ACS! Thank you Jacques!

The evening concluded with an autograph session.

Saturday, August 25

5:58am. Yes, it's DARK!

Karl Kustom Corvettes had two of their spectacular C6-based Sting Rays on display.

Long time friend Ann Goulas christened the inside of the logo oval under the hood by being the first to make a $100 donation to the

American Cancer Society for that opportunity. Her memorial: to Sandy (Labaree, CCC founder), Danny (Gale, NCM founder) and Del (Liberty).

Teamwork: wife adds her signature below her husband's.

And now: My "Celebrity Pick"
Adam Ford's Pennant Blue '54

(click image for the story that made the event for me, and more photos)


Sunday, August 26

Intermittent showers and bigger stuff on the radar prompted us to pack up early.
On the road at 10-ish ET, Gary heading for FAA business in MA, and me for home.


This was just below Winchester VA,  fortunately it didn't last too long.
Note HUD: 3rd gear, 28mph!

Home, 8:57 CT

Round trip stats