Always one of my favorite events, this year we were able to send $326.00 to the American Cancer Society's Lemoyne PA office! Thanks to Carlisle Events for continuing to host our cause!

Wednesday, August 20

Departing Decatur AL

Along the way I passed 2 club members who were traveling together, also to Carlisle: Lucky's and Street Shop.

Arrival at Microtel in Hagerstown MD for the night, 724 miles. 45 minutes to Carlisle from here.

Thursday, August 21

8:20 am - In place on the fairgrounds. My tent up, waiting for the Carlisle-provided tent, table & chairs.

While waiting, this appeared right down the road: The CERV II from 1964!

Caretaker, former Corvette plant engineer, Tom Hill, was scrambling to fix a tie rod joint "malfunction".

 Hi to Lance Miller and Mom, Judy!

By early afternoon we were fully set up.

George Shoner signs the hood for his $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

Friday, August 22

One of my favorites: Dennis & Cindy Manire's half-million mile '67!

In the Chevy tent: the new 2015 Z06, in the new "Shark Gray"

The "Chip's Choice" collection in "T Building"; click photo to see them all.


Bair's Corvette booth in "T" building. Note photo of our C6 on cover of their catalog, center of second photo, and our old C5 (which they now own) on bottom of flyer, bottom center.

Sights walking around the fairground.

Race car collection, click photo to see them all.


An interesting find, down the row from our booth (the red tent, center, by the Big Tree)

Our booth, with the "staff cars" of Dani Vezina, John Bieglecki and Gary Readio.

Closer view of Dani's C5, which she inherited from her Dad, long-time friend and supporter, Hank Vezina.

Rich Besitka signs the hood, for the 4th time, each time for a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society!

Views from the hill

Saturday, August 23

6:12 am - time to raise the tent.

"Cancer Free" Jerry Karach signs the hood for his $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

My club's Roaming Gnome gets his afternoon shower.

Time to find my "Celebrity Pick", Larry Spilman's '62. See below left for my criteria.

Don and Allan Barker stopped for a visit. I had met them the night before at the Racers' Retreat Dinner. Really fun guys. 2008 National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame inductees!

(Click photo for their story)


Larry Martin signs the hood for his $25 donation to ACS.

Another $25 to ACS "In Memory of Daniel Shank"

Sunday, August 24

Long time friend and supporter, Bill Nichols, GM Powertrain engineer.

Just before departing, Dani Vezina surprised me with a $100 donation to ACS; for that she signs INSIDE the oval!

Thanks Dani, for both the help at the booth and the donation!

Matt & Tammy Lovejoy join the Hood Signers!

As he lines up for the Celebrity Pick awards, my pick, Larry Spilman, offers to take me for a ride!

Thanks Larry, you made my weekend!

Monday, August 25

Back in Alabama after an overnight in Christiansburg, VA.