Carlisle PA Fairground

August 28-30

This is one of my all-time favorite events. Our first time was in 1990. We haven't missed one since 1998. This year came close to not happening for us.

On August 5 my recently discovered cancerous prostate was robotically removed at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Back home the following day, I wore a catheter for 2 weeks, during which time I wasn't permitted to drive. My daughter Christy spent that time with me. One week after the catheter removal, I left for the nearly 800 mile trip to Carlisle!

Wednesday, August 26


Along the way -

Thursday, August 27

After an overnight in Hagerstown MD, I was on site setting up in our usual spot - by the Big Trees facing the grandstand.
Mercifully, Jim McGoldrick appeared to help unload the car. (I was prohibited from lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs.)

First stop was to pick up the scooter I had rented for the 4 days at the fairground. $80/day, outrageous, but it allowed me to get around the grounds to visit and network.

The first visitor: Bowling Green's Sheriff Joe Jakub, obviously enjoying his new C7.

Friday, August 28

The setup, from various angles.

Cool drone photo of the southwest side of the fairground. My tent & car are circled.

Corvette engineer Damien Zink discussing 2016 features with a fan.

Friday evening

A major surprise at the Chip Miller Foundation dinner: G. Gordon Liddy and his Lingenfelter tuned ZR-1!
I got to talk with him for a few minutes!

Saturday, August 29

This is the BIG ONE, and it requires an early start to avoid lo-o-ong lines to get in!

In place @ 5:58 am.

I was initially very concerned to find this BBQ smoker set up right behind my car. I had visions of the car getting covered with grease from the smoke. Amazingly my fears proved to be unfounded - this thing emitted zero smoke. Evidently it retained it all and transferred it to the meat. Best ribs I've ever tasted!

There's my driver: Adam Ford in his 54 that was my Celebrity Pick in 2012.
I was going to pick it again but somebody beat me to it. He kindly drove me around
to check some others that he suggested. He even let me drive it again!

Guest of honor, Chip Foose, signed this poster, personalized for me...

...and also signed my fuel rail cover. THANK YOU Pam Powell for standing in line 3x to get these done for me as I was stuck at my table!

The hood gained 6 signatures, generating $255 for
the American Cancer Society's Lemoyne PA office.

Brian Sherwin adds his sig.

Bud signs IMO Billy.

The Murphy Family joins the elite "Inside the Oval" $100 donation group!

Tim Eisentrant leaves his mark.

Ruth Exline joins the group.

EJ Wiley finds a spot.

Sunday, August 30

I spent a leisurely day packing up and visiting around.

Perfect timing: just as I started the car at 2:25 to head south - the rain started!

Monday, August 31

After an overnight in Dublin VA, it was an uneventful trip the rest of the way home.

I couldn't resist capturing these 2 fleeting odometer incidents.

Home! (And I know what's waiting inside.)

Final stats for the round trip.

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