Wednesday, August 24

Sticker in place - check. Might have to start another row next year...

Departing Decatur AL, 9:22 am.

(Overnight was at the usual Microtel in Hagerstown MD)

Thursday, August 25

Caught this on the way: I-81, right at the Mason Dixon Line.
(That's the Pennsylvania/Maryland state line)

All set up in our usual spot, now with just one Big Tree, facing the stage and
grandstand. Dani Vezina is already here (blue C5). Gary will arrive in time for dinner.

Right behind us was this stunning '65 with an LT5 engine from the C4 ZR-1!

Friday, August 26

Panorama from the top of the hill. That's our Big Tree at the right.

Saturday, August 27

Oh-dark-thirty. (6:02 am EDT)

Gary checks mail. Check out Cheryl's fantastic oatmeal raisin cookies he brought!

A couple shots I found on line.

Eric Volke ads his signature, next to his Dad's, for a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

Once again, my Celebrity Pick was this beautiful Pennant Blue '54.
For the back story, click here:

Look who found me this year - Glen Ford showed up at my booth. His son, Adam, wasn't able to get here. Their other classic, a Copper 56, had a problem. Adam had given his dad order to find me and have me drive the '54 again! Here we go again!

Driving around for over 1/2 hour, we visited 2 friends' booths: Street Shop (sorry, no pics) and NuVintage Corvettes. Glen & I had a great time.

Don Theune, Scale Visions, caught us on the move. Thanks, Don!

Another father/son ACS donor pair: Rich Smith Jr & III

Saturday Evening
Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation Benefit Dinner
Carlisle Expo Center

Sunday, August 28

Bad start: Backing into the space next to my tent where I had parked every day I didn't notice that Carlisle staff had placed rebar with barrier tape in my space! It could have been a lot worse, but needless to say I was NOT happy! Gouges in the bumper and valance panels, and the backup light blown in with mounts broken. I was able to patch the light back into position, and some touchup paint made the damage fairly inconspicuous. Grrr...

1:04 pm - packed up and ready to hit the road. This ended a very rare meet with zero rain! It was really hot, however... felt just like home!

Made it all the way home in one shot!