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"Chip's Choice"
Corvettes @ Carlisle

Carlisle, PA
August 26-29, 1999

Sandy was honored to be included in Chip's Choice, a special display in "T" Building.

"Women And Their Corvettes"

The Poster and the "Corvette Fever" article.

The Corvette Fever Magazine article, also used as the Chip's Choice Poster,
is seen above. Check the photo. Remember this photo from January?
That's Richard Prince doing the shoot that created that poster photo... in the snow.

Chip designated the center of the Chip's Choice lineup for Sandy's display.

Angelo explains the shoot, and directs me out of the way.

I was obviously out of the frame for this moment in the documentary film 

where Chip is talking to his "ladies".

Chips talks to Sandy, and about her mission, 

then presents her with this plaque.

TV interview at the table.

Thanks Chip, we miss you!

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