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Cabela's: Huntsville AL
September 17, 2016 

Sadly, the day started out gloomy, and quickly deteriorated to intermittent rain. Not to be deterred, 27 Corvettes showed up. Between the $ each car collected in their classes, the Plinko raffle proceeds and the 50/50 raffle, we managed to clear $2218 for the American Cancer Society!

Thanks go out to NuVintage Corvettes and Madison Monogram for providing the really classy trophies, and to Great Lakes Trophies and Engraving for providing the Dash Plaques (image above). Also to Dana Forrester for donating one of his fantastic watercolor prints.

The many members of the Vets With Vettes and Corvette Owners club put in countless hours in the planning and organizing of the show, beating the bushes for door prizes and the actual running of the show. My eternal thanks go out to them!

916 06.jpg
916 10.jpg
916 13.jpg
916 02.jpg
916 03.jpg
916 11.jpg
916 17.jpg

Bill Binkley's stunning tribute to our fallen heroes.

916 01.jpg
916 16.jpg
916 18.jpg
916 31.jpg
916 24.jpg
916 26.jpg
916 25.jpg
916 34.jpg
916 32.jpg

This is what it looked like most of the day...

916 04.jpg
916 19.jpg

Some miscellaneous photos I found on Facebook

916 27.jpg
916 21.jpg
916 14.jpg
916 20.jpg
916 28.jpg
916 29.jpg

Some of the Plinko game prizes.

916 33.jpg

A local beauty pageant winner and her Mom sold the 50/50 tickets.
Sorry, I can't find their names, but THANK YOU!

916 23.jpg

NuVintage Corvettes sponsored the really classy trophies.
The winner in each generation was the one that raised the most $ for the American Cancer Society.
Wendy Durham presented them to the winners.

Dan Stiles - C3

916 07.jpg

Nicklas Hendershot - C4

916 08.jpg

John Walden - C5

916 05.jpg

Jeff & Ruth Wooldridge - C6

916 12.jpg

Bill Olszewski - C7

916 09.jpg

The Shoals Area Vette Enthusiasts (SAVE) club won for "Best Club Participation" with about 1/3 of all Vettes registered!

916 22.jpg

Sample of trophies that were awarded, made by Madison Monogram.

2012 trophies c.jpg

Ray & Betty Malone, winners of the Dana Forrester print.

916 15.jpg

Here's Dana presenting me with that print at the NCM.


I was the last Vette in the parking lot after thanking the folks at Cabela's, and my battery was dead! The nice guy in that white Ford truck gave me a jump. He was a Harley Davidson test rider!


(Yes, I replaced the battery the following week.)

Google Earth satellite shot and Street View image of Cabela's Huntsville

Google Earth.png
Street View.png

The show flyer, created by Dan Stiles, who also served as MC and DJ for the show.

CCCShowFlyer2016_V0 w.png

This was the final show of the 2016 season!

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