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36th Annual Corvette Show:

"Plastic Fantastic"
Marina Park, S. Kingstown, RI
August 6, 2006

Thank you, CCRI, for your donation of
to the American Cancer Society as a result of this fun show!

Saturday, August 5

Leaving home Saturday afternoon for the home
of my daughter and her husband in Bedford, MA

Sunday, August 6

This must be the place!

Beautiful day, beautiful location. Yes, it is a Marina.

The show field from my location.

Randy Flock, show chairman.

Randy puts together the most memorable special theme trophies you have ever seen:
Peace signs, lava lamps, mushrooms, 8-tracks, flowers, head bands... and a VW bus!

Jimmi Hendrix and Tiny Tim even made appearances!

The traditional post-show feed at the Nelsons' house.

The end of a long but fun and productive day. (503 miles)

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