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Chip Miller Memorial Service
April 3, 2004
Carlisle, PA

The following was taken from the Cars At Carlisle website:



Carlisle Productions Co-founder Chip Miller Dies at 61
Beloved husband, father, grandfather, coworker and friend will be sorely missed by all.

Chip Miller passed away on March 25 at the Mayo Clinic at the age of 61 from complications related to Amyloidosis. He was surrounded by loved ones in his final moments.

Miller was diagnosed with primary Amyloidosis in December 2003. The rare plasma cell disorder, which attacks the body's main organs, affects about 2,000 people each year. Currently, there is no cure.

After the diagnosis, Chip and his wife, Judy, established a Web site at CaringBridge to keep family and friends updated during diagnosis and treatment. Visitors to the site were able to read Chip's patient journal and leave words of support in the guest book. Chip and Judy used this site to communicate with the many, many well-wishers who had expressed their concern.

Chip and Bill Miller started the first automotive event at Carlisle in 1974. Their business has grown to 12 automotive events this year, including Chip's favorite, Corvettes at Carlisle. Each year, more than half a million people come to events at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.

His interest in automobiles began when, as a child, he saw a magazine in a gutter with a custom car on the cover. He became fascinated with Chevrolet Corvettes after seeing an ad for a new 1957 Corvette. Chip has owned more than 80 Corvettes in his life, as well as many other vehicles. He was very interested in racing, especially vintage Corvettes.

Miller was a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Shelby Owners Club and at least a dozen Corvette clubs.

Chip remained positive until the end and continued to think of others rather than himself. "It shows how selfless Chip is and the wonderful person he is," said Diane Vaughn, co-worker and friend of Chip's for more than 20 years. "He wants to widen the knowledge of this disease so that through him, others will live."

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that memorial contributions be made to:
Chip Miller Charitable Foundation
1000 Bryn Mawr Road
Carlisle, PA 17013-1588


Chip Miller was the all-around nicest person
I ever had the pleasure and privilege of knowing. 

He is also the only person I ever saw make Sandy cry!
It happened in 1998, our first year as Chip's guests for Corvettes@Carlisle:

At the closing awards ceremony, Chip had just presented Sandy with the
DieHard Award as the person who had done the most for the Corvette hobby.
He then put his arm around her and told her and the crowd that it had come to
his attention that the tires on our Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5 were worn out.
He then announced that Carlisle Productions was going to put a new
set of tires on the car for her, bringing her to tears (see right photo).

In 2000 Chip wrote this memorial to Sandy for the Corvettes@Carlisle program.

Friday, April 2

I left for Chip's memorial service at about Noon, directly from
work in Augusta, ME. I got to Carlisle about 9:00pm.

Saturday, April 3

The church where the service was held opened the doors at Noon.
Even though the service didn't start until 2:00, it was full by 12:30!
Between speakers, the service included musical interludes 
with wonderful slide shows of Chip's life and family.

After the service, a procession wended its way through Carlisle to the Fairgrounds.

The reception, appropriately, was in "T" Building, the site of "Chip's Choice"
every year. (Sandy was honored to have been one of "Chip's Choice" in 1999)

In addition to several tables of great food and drinks, there were 3 Corvettes. Prior to his death, Chip donated the copper '57 for the Charity Auction at this year's Corvettes@Carlisle to benefit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation to fund amyloidosis research and education. (Note: It brought $134,000!) The other two, both #3, were Chip's favorites from his extensive Corvette collection: The white '60 is the Cunningham/Grossman/Fitch car that won its class and placed 8th overall at Le Mans in 1960 to put Corvette on the map in international racing; The yellow C5R is the car that Dale Earnheart Sr. & Jr. drove at Daytona.

As I left for home, it was strange to see the Carlisle Fairgrounds so deserted.
Events held here in the future will always be memorials to Chip for the fellowship
that his inspiration, enthusiasm and perspiration brought together.

Back home again.

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