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Corvettes @ Carlisle
Carlisle, PA
August 28-31, 1998

From Anaheim CA we had a week to get back to Carlisle.
Sandy was in pain from cracked ribs so we were limiting drive times to 400 miles
per day; perfect excuse for more sightseeing, basically Rt. 66. We also got
to the Grand Canyon, my first time, Sandy's 3rd on this tour.

Holbrook, AZ


Gallup NM

I also got to see the Barris T-bucket!

Tucumcari NM

Tee Pee Curios

The Blue Swallow Motel

Shamrock TX

Anybody see the movie "CARS"? Look familiar?

OK, Carlisle at last:

Corvettes Conquer Cancer's first time at this ultimate
Corvette weekend, as guests of Chip Miller!

Our booth. That's the new  C5 Registry next to us down the row; we joined right there!

Some visitors:

Joel Forman, American Cancer Society exec., friend and Carlisle regular.

Dan Gale, Corvette Mike Vietro, Elfi Duntov & Me.

Karen Gale, Elfi Duntov & chauffer Dan Gale.

Sandy & Sandy Rogers at Women's Oasis fashion show. 

At Celebrity Lunch, Sandy (standing, extreme left) is recognized by Chip Miller
(standing, extreme right). Both Corvette Mikes closest to camera.

Also at the Lunch, Dan Gale, Sandy and the Corvette Mikes:
Milian (New England) and Vietro (CA).

The Parade

Chip Miller, Wil & Liz Cooksey, and Bill Miller surrounded by Corvette engineers.
Sandy is at right with Elaine & Harry Becker.

An interesting freak double-exposure!

The Awards Ceremony: After presenting Sandy
with the DieHard Award from Sears,

Chip brought her to tears, announcing that Carlisle Productions
would replace the bald tires on the Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5!

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