This was our 3rd year at this great event, made dear to my heart because it is a cancer fundraiser and because of the spirit and dedication of Ron & Linda Cleland!

Thursday, May 24

Departing Decatur AL - 6:36am

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi, 10:04am

The drive was uneventful... until Waterloo IA. There the sky opened up with a violent thunderstorm. Visibility dropped to about zero, then the hail started. The noise inside the Vette was incredible, sounding like it was being pounded by rocks! How big they were I can only guess because it was raining so hard I never saw one, but the sounded like they had to have been at least golf ball to egg size! I tried for shelter under the first overpass, but it was already maxed out. Fortunately, just as I stopped, so did the hail, so I pulled back onto the road and pressed on. 20 minutes after it started, I was out in the clear again, but with a big difference: before the storm hit the temp was 96; on the other side it was 65!

Friday May 25

Departing Clear Lake, IA


A First:

As I approached Winthrop MN, maybe 20 miles South of Hutchinson, I took note that the cruiser that had just passed had made a sudden u-turn and came flying up behind me. I maintained the cruise at 5 over the limit, and he just sat on my tail for 3-4 miles. Then, as we approached a stop sign, the blue lights finally came on.

"What state is your vehicle registered in?"
"Oh, OK. I noticed that you didn't have a front plate showing, so I ran the tag # and got a match on a similar vehicle. Have a nice day!"

Yes, that was the first time in my 34 years of ownership that I have EVER been stopped while driving a Corvette, and still NO TICKETS!


Arrival at the Best Western Victorian in Hutchinson MN

The games out back.

Mexican-theme party that evening in the "Corbeta-Cantina"

Saturday, May 26

The overnight rain had just ended as we gathered at the Burich Arena. Fortunately we were able to pull inside to wipe down the cars before the parade down to Library Square for the Corvette Show.

As you can see by the wildly flapping tablecloth, it was really windy. I didn't even consider putting up the tent!

There they are, the wonderful people who make this event happen:
Linda and Ron Cleland. Thanks, Guys!

Saturday evening was back to the Burich Arena for a live concert by regional legend, Sherwin Linton.

All 6 Corvette series were on display inside, plus the Corvettes Conquer Cancer car.

Performing since 1956, Sherwin Linton's show was amazing! Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Kingston Trio, he does them all. He is also in the Guinness Book of World Record for never having missed a gig in those 56 years!

At some point during the evening, Ron dropped this in front of me...

Sunday, May 27

Departing Hutchinson, 5:36am.

Back in the garage in Decatur, 9:00pm, 1031 miles and 3 quick stops later! (Trip odometer annoyingly resets @ 2000 miles)

Easiest 1000+ mile day ever! Of the 1031 miles, only 270 were interstate, and NO TRAFFIC! Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to travel. There was one stretch of 4 lane divided state or US highway, 65mph limit, where I stayed in the left lane (smoother) for 40 miles w/o seeing another car!