Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 12
Saturday, May 13

Today I never left Tucumcari NM!

Until such time as I could check into the Blue Swallow, I planned to spend the day exploring the town.

Breakfast at Kix on 66 Restaurant

Small world story: As I was eating at the counter, I overheard the couple (circled in 2nd photo below) in the booth behind me tell the waitress that they were from Pennsylvania. We struck up a conversation. I said that I was originally from Philadelphia. When they said they were from Kennett Square, I said that I knew it well - my parents grew up in the small town of Lincoln University, practically next door. My mother's father was the University President and my father's father was the Pastor and Librarian! As kids we made many trips there during school vacations. The woman was dumbstruck: her father had been the town butcher in Lincoln University, as was his father before him! Another link: they also have a daughter who lives in the Bay area in California.

Dontcha just love it?

After breakfast I gave the Vette a quick but long overdue bath.

When I returned to the motel to give it a quick wipe-down before checking out, this cutie was looking for some attention.

Some sights as I cruised the town

Mesalands Dinosaur Museum
Museum #10 for my trip

Click photo below to tour it with me


New Mexico Route 66 Museum
Museum #11 for my trip

Click photo below to tour it with me


The Tucumcari Train Depot
Museum #12 for my trip

More Tucumcari sights

Finally: I can check into the Blue Swallow!

Click photo below to see a lot of the really cool stuff that makes this such a huge Route 66 attraction!


Another fun Small World thing: As I was unpacking at my room, who walks around from
the office but The Brits! They had tried to get a room but, of course, were unsuccessful.

Back to the Lizard Lounge for dinner and more Kilt Lifter beer

End of Day 12

26 miles for the day, and that included a fast pass on I-40 from one end
of town to the other and back - as a quick blow-dry after washing the car.

That's 2106.0 miles from Chicago start