Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 14
Monday, May 15

La Vegas NM

The road to Santa Fe

Pecos NM

Pecos National Historical Park
The 3rd National Historic Park or Monument of my trip

Click photo below for the walk-through


Santa Fe NM

Second Street Brewery at Second Street 

This guy is the owner, Mark Waugh, holding my Rocket Republic sign.

We immediately hit it off. After learning about Corvettes Conquer Cancer, he gave me a donation for the American Cancer Society and signed the hood! He had recently lost his mother to cancer.

Mark insisted that I meet him at Santa Fe Brewing (owned by a friend) on the south side of town for a couple of brews.

The taproom

A local character

The manager took us on a tour of the brewery

Mark's friend, the owner, finally arrived. They obviously have fun!

Madrid NM
(pronounced MAD-rid)

At Mark's suggestion, on the way to Albuquerque, I took the back country route
through Madrid, where the main part of the movie "Wild Hogs" was filmed.

This is Maggie's Diner, where most of the action between the bikers took place.

This was the hangout for the cast & crew during filming

The road toward Albuquerque

The legendary Musical Highway required a little redirection,
as it is only "playable" on the Eastbound side of Historic Route 66.

Tijeras NM

The Musical Highway

Look who is the "Litter Control" sponsor of this stretch!

Click link below to see and hear the Musical Highway YouTube video link.
Sorry I didn't do a better job of staying on the line. 
Make sure the sound is turned up

End of Day 14

172 miles for the day

That's 2444.6 from Chicago start