Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 19
Saturday, May 20

Leaving Flagstaff

Williams AZ
The LAST Route 66 town to get bypassed by I-40, in 1984

Hey, that looks like a car show!

Yes it is, and they invited me to park!

Who do I run into (again) but those 2 British couples that I met in Cuba MO on Day 5!

The road to Seligman

The legendary Snow Cap Drive-in!
Since 1953.

This is Angel Delgadillo's house and barber shop. His brother Juan founded
the Snow Cap in 1953 and ran it until he died in 2004. Angel is one of the major
figures responsible for the resurgence of Historic Route 66 as a tourist attraction.

Dog from the next table takes his Frisbee with him.

Other sights around Seligman

The road to Hackberry

Hackberry AZ

And of course, the Hackberry General Store

Looks like my car has some admirers!

The road to Kingman

Kingman AZ

Arrival at the Wonderful Ramada Inn

The tip of the iceberg: click below to see the incredible wall art in this Ramada!


Dinner & beer in downtown Kingman

Hey, another car show - second one today!

The Black Bridge Brewery

This is Wicked Poison

Some of the car show

Is that the brightest orange you've ever seen?

Back at the Ramada, this is their Canyon 66 Restaurant & Lounge

End of Day 19

186 miles for the day

That's 3971.3 from Chicago start