Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 2
Wednesday, May 3

Chicago IL
(State #5)

After a quick mid-morning drive to downtown Chicago, I arrived at...

the End (???) of Route 66!

Yes, because of one way streets, this is the Eastbound end of the road.
Now, time to loop back to E Adams for the Westbound Start.

The Chicago skyline from Lakeshore Dr as I looped around to get to
S Michigan Ave and E Adams St, where Westbound 66 actually starts.

This is it - where Westbound Historic Route US 66 begins!

(Photo-bombed by a Prius, of all things, in a No Parking - Tow Zone!)

The odometer reading at that point. I reset Trip Odometer A right there to log my trip on Route 66.

Sign for the first turn on 66, off E Adams onto Ogden toward Joliet.

Goodbye Chicago - believe me, this couldn't come quick enough!

Joliet IL

(Yes, those are the Blues Brothers on the roof.) 

Not sure what this artwork in the same park signifies.

Time for lunch

Classic theater right around the corner

Wilmington IL

The first of several "Giants" that I encountered along 66: The Gemini Giant.

Historic Downtown Wilmington

Braidwood IL

Dwight IL

Cayuga IL

The first of many "Meramec Caverns" barn signs

One of many places where an earlier edition of Rt 66 came to an end. The current version is on the left.

Pontiac IL

The County Courthouse

Do a 180 and you see this.
The Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum - 1st museum of the trip.
(Click image to sample the inside of the museum)


Better view of the courthouse, and Lincoln's statue on the right side.

Murals along the walk to the Rt 66 Museum

Bob Waldmire's "Road Yacht"
(Click image to see inside the museum)


Towanda IL

Day 2 ends in McLean IL

Miles from Rt 66 start
Zero Interstate miles