Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 23
Wednesday, May 24

Barstow CA

Another Mural City

That smog ahead must be LA! 

Rialto CA

Yes, another WigWam Motel

(No, I didn't stay in this one)

Anaheim CA

Corvette Mike's
"Corvette Mike" Vietro became our first sponsor when Sandy started
Corvettes Conquer Cancer in 1998! We met Mike @ Bloomington Gold.
After talking with Sandy, he pulled his Mobil card out of his wallet and
said "Here, use this."  We did, for 3 years!
Later that summer we stayed at his house for a couple days.
Thanks Mike!

Sandy & Mike @ Bloomington Gold '98

Mike is also a sponsor for the C6, helping to pay for it in 2006!

"MIKE" in the Corvette lettering

It's a shootout!

Always great to see you, Mike!

Burbank CA

Ramada Inn

On a whim, after dinner I went in search of Jay Leno's Garage.


Proof, via GPS data from above photo and Google Maps!

Further evidence - the burnouts on the street out front!

On the way back to the Ramada I drove the entire length of legendary Mulholland Drive.

End Day 23

206 miles for the day

5424.7 from Chicago start