Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Days 26-28
Saturday, May 27 through Monday May 29

Spent with my daughter Christy and her husband Nils in and around Belmont CA

Saturday, May 27

Belmont CA

Walk in Waterdog Park
Look what Woody found

San Mateo CA

Spotted on grocery run

Sunday, May 28

Sebastopol CA

Hopmonk Beer Garden

Dog friendly, for my buddy, Woody.

2 more pubs

Woody made some new friends

San Francisco CA

The Golden Gate, from the passenger's seat

Veterans Blvd through Presidio Military Reservation

Monday, May 29

Memorial Day Holiday

San Mateo CA

Beresford, a favorite dog park

Belmont CA

2 of Nils' superb current home brews on tap in the garage.
A 3rd is usually in process in the hall closet.

Some of the least embarrassing photos from the
massive Memorial Day barbeque pig-out