Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 40
Saturday, June 10

Fairview Heights IL, after my FREE NIGHT at the Super 8!

Kentucky (again)

Tennessee (again)

Pulaski TN


Back in Sweet Home Alabama!

Madison AL

Like being back home!

Decatur AL

Turning into my driveway. No, that Mustang is NOT parked in front of my house (arrow)!

Check the odometer as I parked in my garage:
How's that to conclude my Route 66 adventure?

441 miles for the day

That's 10,612.5 from Chicago start.

Remember, I reset the trip odometer at the starting point of Historic Route 66 in Chicago on May 3 (Day 2)

Mileage from start in this garage on May 2 is 11,236.
Here, do the math:

June 10

May 2

Definitely time for a beer!

This was in the fridge. It's from Hop Dogma in El Granada CA.
I had been there with my daughter in February.
She had sent me some of these: 

Hop Dogma Brewery, El Granada CA, on Day 29.

End of Day 40

End of a monumental road trip!
11,236 miles
40 days
20 National Parks or Monuments
15 additional museums
1 turn signal bulb
1 quart of oil

   Countless memories...