Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 9
Wednesday, May 10

Still in Clinton OK

Another downpour to start the day from the Super 8.

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
The 4th Museum of my trip

Click photo to tour the museum with me


Elk City OK

The National Route 66 Museum
Museum #5 of my trip

Click photo to go on my walk through the museum


Erick OK

(Didn't stop)

 Texola OK

State #9 for this trip

Shamrock TX

The landmark Conoco Station / U-Drop Inn Cafe

Click photo to see much more of the U-Drop Inn


Other sights around Shamrock (more tomorrow)

Dinner @ Big Vern's Steakhouse

Lodging for the night - NICE! 

End of Day 9 @ Sleep Inn

90 miles for the day.