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"Drag Day"
"Dame Edna"

June 27, 2002

It all started as a casual lunch conversation...
among some of the staffers of the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) in Portland, Maine. The discussion got a little weird. Before long, my frequent Co-Pilot and Bodyguard, Gary Readio, a 6' 5" Flight Standards Inspector, was challenged: He would NOT come to work wearing a dress! Always the opportunist, Gary recognized the fundraising possibilities instantly. He quickly began logging the bets. The deal was: the first $50 would go into his daughter Taylor's college fund. Everything over that would go to Corvettes Conquer Cancer and the American Cancer Society. As the bets... uh... pledges mounted, he issued an additional challenge: at $300 the mustache comes off!

What happened after that is history, documented below!

At home

Yes, the 'stache came off...  Scary, isn't it!

Grand total:


Minus $50 for Taylor's fund = $365.00 for Corvettes Conquer Cancer
and The American Cancer Society. And he didn't just wear
the dress at work, he DROVE to and from work this way!

Thanks Dame Edn...  uh, Gary!

( ...and I travel with this guy!?!)

p.s. here's what he usually looks like, shown here 12 days earlier, in IL:

But then again, 2 days after "Drag Day" he died his hair and did this:

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