Chula Vista Resort
Wisconsin Dells, WI
June 5-7, 2014

This was my 4th time at this great event. Many thanks to the wonderful organizers, Ed & Barb Saari, and to Mike Kaminski, owner of the Chula Vista Resort, for their hospitality! We were able to raise $965.00 for the American Cancer Society's office in Madison, WI!

Wednesday, June 4

4:49am, departing Decatur, AL. Note "Arrival" time on Garmin screen at right.

Arrival at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Note actual arrival time below. Garmin had projected an ETA of 3:45, 811 miles earlier. Pretty darn close!

Thursday, June 5

In place for the event. Traffic was either On or Off: On when a tour is staging; Off after tour leaves.

The first hood signature for the event: Dale & Judy join the $100-to-the-American-Cancer-Society club for signing within the oval.

Wisconsin Ducks ready for riders.

Friday, June 6

Now that's some serious pollen!

Mike & Linda Eanerington (sp?) for $25.

The lot filling up again in time for dinner.

With Museum staff, Karen Renfrow & Connie Russell, and Ed Saari.

Barb & Ed Saari

Saturday, June 7

The Corvette Parade  comes down Broadway.

We were set up at the end of Elm St.

From the balcony above.

Gary Parrish joins the mission.

Lots of interesting and clever "Vanity Plates" here.
Click mine below to see some of them.


Saturday night Awards Banquet.

Sunday, June 8

Departure for home. Again, note Garmin "Arrival" time.

Arrival home

Again, note actual arrival time: Missed Garmin's ETA by only 2 minutes!