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Fall Brawl
Corvettes United

Hebert's Candy Mansion
Shrewsbury, MA
September 26, 2004

This is a "mixed" show - all types of cars, not just Corvettes. Sponsored
by Corvettes United, it is the season wrap-up and awards for the Cruise Nights
they held every Thursday evening throughout the Summer.

I left home Saturday afternoon to once again spend the night with
my daughter and her husband in Bedford, MA

Sunday morning it was only about a 45 min. drive to the show site.

A sampling of the sights...

This is one scary looking (and sounding) ride: A 502ci big-block Chevy in a motorcycle!

Nice detail on just one of the trophies by Reggie Gauthier!

The Corvettes United pizza pig-out after the show cleanup.

Full of pizza, it's time to head home...

Final stats.

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