July 21, 2011

Visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn


JFK's Presidential limo - yes, the one from Dallas! Check the thickness of the window glass!
After the assassination, the car was quickly converted to a closed car.

Truman's limo, also used by Ike.

FDR's limo.

A couple of the steam locomotives in the rail exhibit.

It was at this point that the camera (or the memory card) went on another detour: 185 full size files of "unknown format"!  *&%#@&*

Bummer! This place is amazing! Cars are actually a very small part of it, and the car section was mostly closed for renovation.  Most of it is devoted to manufacturing innovations, power development, aircraft evolution, and a Civil War section. Way too much to absorb in one visit.

Footnote: The temp readout on the drive back to Novi was 105 most of the way!