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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:

Friday, 8/9 (Sandy's birthday; she would have been 56 today...)
St. George UT to Monterey, CA, via Las Vegas, to
the DoubleTree Hotel: home for the next 10 days.

Welcoming parties: Combined Monterey Del Oro/C5 Registry
at the Hyatt, and NCRS at the DoubleTree.

View from the room in St. George at dawn.

Leaving St. George "By The Dawn's Early Light"

Some rapid changes in terrain within 5 minutes: check the time stamps on the following 4 pix.

There, in the first sign of smog, is Las Vegas. This is as close as I got, or cared to get: a 70 mph flyby.

Welcome to California!

The terrain rapidly changes again as we near the coast.

The first glimpse of the Pacific.

Welcome to Monterey!

Miles from Saturday morning 8/3 to Friday afternoon 8/9.

Monterey Del Oro / C5 Registry Friday night welcoming party at the Hyatt.

Incredibly, I didn't get any pics of the NCRS reception party @ the Doubletree!
(must have been having too much fun...)

After the parties, I finally got to wash the Vette. Think it needed it?

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