Corvette Funfest 2012
Effingham IL
September 13-16

Friday, Sept. 14

Departing Decatur to connect with club friends on I-65 in TN.

One of MA-A-N-N-Y pit stops along the way...

This was my real reason for the trip to Effingham.

Saturday, Sept. 15

The central figure in The Quest, paired with a '63.

and again, later in the day

Karl Kustom Corvettes' spectacular Midyear C6
(click image below to see more)


The Vets With Vettes and Corvette Owners club section on the field

After a walk around the extensive grounds, I headed for home, solo.

Back in the garage.

Yes! On the way up to Funfest I got the warning DINGS: "Low Fuel" alternating with this. Gas gage pegged on E. I knew it had about 120 miles remaining, so I wasn't worried. When the group made yet another stop, for gas & lunch, I topped off and the warning went away, whether from the top-off or the stop/start, who knew.

On the way home, when the gage dropped to about 3/8 tank (same as before) the warning came back. OK, I thought, based on this same thing being a common issue on the C5, when I get home I'll just add a can of Techron to the tank. I hadn't heard of this being a problem in the C6, and I had confirmed that fact with the Corvette engineers that were at Funfest, but it's worth a try!


I installed 1 can of Techron in a nearly empty tank, then topped it off after a few miles.
By October 3 the gage was back down all the way to empty without any problem.
Hopefully this solved the problem!

It didn't...

The only "fix" would be replacing the tank sender - a major, expensive task.

My solution: Trip Odometer B. Reset @ fill-up; think about refueling around 350 miles!