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2nd Annual Great American Sports Car Challenge 
Corvettes United
EMC Parking Lot; Franklin, MA

July 20, 2008
(Rain Date from June 22)

This great event produced $2200.00 for the American Cancer Society,

in spite of being held on a rain date which conflicted with a Mustang event in the area. Thanks Corvettes United and EMC for your dedication and generosity!

Saturday, July 19

Leaving home on Saturday for a club get-together in NH.

I spent the night at my daughter's in Bedford MA, only 45 minutes from the show.

Sunday, July 20

This is a unique show: Mustangs showing against Corvettes in the same classes.
Gold, Silver and Bronze awards based on points, rather than 1st, 2nd, 3rd. It worked well!

Unusual C3: that Midyear fuel injection unit has been on it since the early 70s!
The owner put it on for autocrossing because it didn't flood/starve during hard cornering.

The trophies.

A very hot, steamy day!

As a thunderstorm storm bore down on us, Corvettes United presented me with a BIG CHECK - $2200.00 for the American Cancer Society!

Pulling out in the nick of time - 6 minutes later...

Back home after a wet, blustery ride.


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