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Gate City/Lakes Region Cruise

Saturday, October 1, 2005

A beautiful early Fall day for a very pleasant Corvette cruise from Bedford, NH to Mt. Wachusett in North/Central Massachusetts. 19 Vettes enjoyed the cruise: 10 from Lakes Region club, 6 from Gate City, 2 from Connecticut, and yours truly from Maine, although I should be counted with the Gate City group. Many thanks to Hank Vezina of Gate City Corvette Club for putting this together.

Early departure from Maine.

Picturesque fog-shrouded Bath, Maine at dawn.

The Vettes gathered at Macy's in Bedford, NH.

At one of the stops to regroup after all the lights getting out of Bedford, I couldn't resist this shot of Joe Tursi's plate. Most Corvette people can relate to that!

After a pretty "spirited" ride led by Hank (driving Sally Mele's C5 - he had sold his the day before) over some fun roads, the first stop was the Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster MA.

Next was a great lunch at the nearby 1761 Old Mill Inn.

The final attraction was the run to the top of Mt. Wachusett.
It was a spectacular view on this gorgeous Fall day... even without the Corvettes.
The Boston skyline was easily seen, 45 miles to the East.

The group scattered from there for the drive home.

This is the road down the mountain, and the Old Mill Inn from the road.

Final stats for a very enjoyable day with a great bunch of people.

Thanks Hank!

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