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September 10-11, 2005  

This was a very different type of event for us. First: it was not a Corvette event, or even a car event. Second: we were not permitted to solicit donations or sell anything. Only military personnel or organizations could do either. So, this event was strictly public information.

Saturday, Sept. 10

A pretty sunrise as I loaded up for the 16 mile trek. 

And the expected handful of anti-war protesters at the entrance to the Naval Air Station. 

I had a great spot in the "Community Expo" section: just inside the hangar door, on the side away from the main runway. I could see 90% of the air show right from my table!

I don't pretend to know what most of these planes are. Something like 200,000 people
came for the show in weather both days that couldn't possibly have been better! 

The Blue Angels always put on a stunning show!

I could see that it was going to be very slow getting out after the Blue Angels concluded the day's show, so I took my time securing the display for the night and packing up what I was taking home. Since there still hadn't been much progress by the exiting throngs, I cruised the flight line taking pictures until I could see traffic had started to move. People the next day told me it took them 3 hours to get out the gate!

Sunday, Sept. 11

While still very busy, the attendance wasn't quite as crazy as it was Saturday. Getting
out was a lot easier, because the Bellamy Brothers Band was performing at 4:00,
right after the Blue Angels final performance. The band seen here setting up at the
opposite door of the hangar we were in, and started the performance in the last photo.

Since the concert closed off the entrance we came in, we were permitted to exit
through the pedestrian gate right in front of us. I was home in 45 minutes,
which included a stop at KFC for take-out.

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