July 21, 2011

Visit to the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights

2004 Nomad concept.

Look who I caught just wandering around with a disposable camera, looking as awestruck as the rest of us:
None other than retired Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave Hill. He was definitely the only one there wearing a jacket & tie!

Transformers' "Sideswipe" - a Stingray concept.

The Cadillac 16 concept.

Cadillac LMP1 racer (by Pratt & Miller!)

'87 Oldsmobile Aerotech Experimental.

'56 Firebird II Experimental.

'59 Cadillac Cyclone concept.

'54 Firebird I Experimental.

'53 Cadillac Le Mans Concept.

'51 Le Sabre Concept. To me this is the poster child of Autorama concept cars!

The 1938 Buick "Y-Job". This was the first "concept car", from Harley Earl.
Interestingly, I noticed that this "concept" showed 25,000 miles on the odometer!

'69 Astro III Experimental                                            '67 Astro I Concept                                         '63 Corvair Monza SS Concept.             

Big 'n' Little Oldsmobiles.

Lots of Corvette concepts...

409... 409...

'92 Ultralight Experimental.

Here the camera glitch kicked in again. Fortunately I only lost 23 of the 500 pics at the Heritage Center!