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May 21, 1998

Acquiring the C5

All Sandy's planning for the tour was in place to spend the next 5 months on the road.

Then came a major setback! The sponsor became increasingly hard to reach. Calls were not returned. Finally, the bad news: less than a month before the Tour was to start, the deal was off!

For most people this would have been a disaster, but NOT FOR SANDY! She mulled this over for all of a few minutes, realizing that common sense would dictate quitting. Her determination to go through with her plan prevailed, however, and she called her friend Sonny Soule, who dealt in used Corvettes locally. Then she started working on the finances.

Long story short: Three days later, she picked up her new (slightly used) '97 Torch Red automatic Vette! With the help of refinancing the house, cashing in her IRAs, and the sale of the '63, she now had a nearly flawless 10,000 mile C5 for what became her mission: The Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour!

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