Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
#8 National Park/Monument for this trip
Monument Valley, AZ
May 18, 2017

I just love this view approaching the park!

Same view, screenshot from my dashcam.

And the same view I had in 2002!

Getting closer

The entrance road

Time to pay!

Wow, the Visitors Center is twice the size it was in 2002, and now there is also a hotel!

And the parking lot is all paved!

Perhaps they should have spent some of this money on the Valley Road:
(See The Monument Valley Road drive below.)

One of my all-time favorite views: "The Mittens" and "The Elephant"

I wanted to try to recreate this shot from my last visit, with the new car,
although I knew I'd never get those vapor trails a second time!

Because of the changes in the paving and landscaping, this is as close as I could get to that scene.

One of the tour truck drivers kindly offered to take this shot for me!

The Monument Valley Road drive

The sign in 2002 only said "Light and low-clearance vehicles discouraged" - in 3 languages!

It is MUCH WORSE now!

A lot of it required constant lock-to-lock wheel winding to avoid the potholes and protruding rocks.

A "Mitten" and "The Elephant"

In 2002 that was called "The Harp". Now it is labeled "The 3 Sisters".

From the Park Exit Road - looks like I got out just in time!