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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Leaving Southington CT for Guilford CT.

Arrival at Moroso Performance, site of the show.

Setup for the beautiful day.

It was great to see Miss Mako again.
Her inaugural appearance was next to us in Orlando in 2001.

This was about all I got to see of the packed show field.

Would you buy a car from these bozos? Yep, they are the sponsoring dealer's reps.
They had 5 or 6 Vettes there, including this abused Z06.

Packed up again, ready (or NOT) for Sunday evening I-95 traffic.

I didn't waste any time getting past this guy: Namu was about to take off!

Nothing like a good power wash and a sunset to finish a Corvette weekend!

Final stats since leaving for Lime Rock Fri am.

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